The Five Most Important Things to Remember in the Zombie Apocalypse


I know you’ve probably read dozens of rules(hopefully including my own) on what to do in an apocalypse, but I wanted to take a second to discuss the five most important things to remember in the event that you find yourself attempting to survive in the harsh world of the zombie apocalypse. So then I’ll just get right into it.

1. You are never safe so long as there are still zombies out there. You may feel relatively protected, and things may seem secure enough, but think back to before the zombies came. Didn’t it feel that way then too? All you need to do to remind yourself of how easily you could lose everything to zombies, is remember how easily the world went to hell the first time. Zombies should never be underestimated. As long as they roam, always be on the defense. You can’t afford to let your guard down in a zombie apocalypse. Whether it be zombies or other people taking advantage of the new lawless world, you will never truly be safe.

2. Your number one priority is food and water, always. This is going to be your job. You will get up every morning and search for more. Even with a full pack or in a community, food and water will still always be the mission. The easy pickings will run out fast and you will have to go to further and further lengths to find life sustaining supplies. This means you can’t afford to eat like your used to either. Don’t expect to “eat your fill” every meal, and start considering meals a once, maybe twice, a day event. Try not to let the hunger bring you down, but rather let the mission of finding your next meal motivate you. Communities should always have farming in their game plan. Creating a self sustaining food source is vital to the successful existence of a fixed community. Without a farm, scouters will be forced to go further into the dangerous cities to find food, and as this will eventually run out, the potential to expand the community diminishes. Also, a good thing for nomad survivors to remember, always have something that will open a can. It’s not that easy to do with a machete or a big hunting knife.

3. Never, ever be without a weapon. This is so important, especially to survivors on the move. Now I know that no survivor in their right mind would neglect to find some kind of weapon, but I mean more than that. Never put your weapon down, only away on your person. What I mean is, if you have to use the bathroom, pick something up, sleep, don’t put your weapon down. If you don’t have a holster or sheath to put it in, make one. When your out in the world with zombies, you never know when you may need to make a sudden run for it. The last thing you want to do is have to run away from where you left your weapon. It could happen. Always, no matter what, have a weapon in your hand, or on your body. That one time you set your weapon down to get something from your bag, could be the one time a quiet zombie catches you off guard.

4. Pace yourself, and be ready to endure. Surviving in an apocalyptic world will have you working harder and longer than you ever have before. Many people are not prepared for the amount of walking, running, fighting, climbing, digging, carrying, building, and everything else that will be everyday activity in the zombie apocalypse. So remember that your body is not going to automatically adjust to that much physical labor. Try your best not to exhaust yourself. Another thing you can’t afford in the zombie apocalypse is to be exhausted. So don’t walk until you can’t stand up, walk until you don’t hear anything. Then find a secure spot and take a short rest. You may get finished resting, walk a little further, and find some zombies in your path you have to deal with. You’ll be glad then that you took a few minutes to get your strength back.

5. If food and water are number one, sleep is your number two priority. A person that goes without sleep will not only become weak, but delirious. Your judgement will become compromised as you fall victim to exhaustion and eventually sleep deprivation. You can not undervalue sleep. It will absolutely get you killed. I understand it will be hard to find secure places to get any real sleep, and this is why short naps should be taken whenever possible. In regular life it’s easy to tell yourself, “I don’t need much sleep”, but that’s easy to say when you actually can sleep comfortably and safely when you do sleep. Telling yourself that you don’t need much sleep when you have to fight to survive everyday will lead you to trying to stay up for days in search of food or a better shelter. That can become dangerous fast. Always make an effort to conserve and recharge your energy.

Those are the five most important things to remember in the zombie apocalypse. These are the things that will be at the top of your mind on a day to day basis. Remember their importance, prioritize, and stay alive.

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