The Common Cold – Could It Really Be The Death Of Us?

The Common Cold - Could It Really Be The Death Of Us?
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As many of you will know, the Zombie Apocalypse in my trilogy, The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle, is based upon the fact that we, both the government and the people will be mortally infected before we have a chance to realise what is happening, let alone having the chance to fight it. Picture yourself on a train, going into work or on a day out. Everyone around you looks lousy with flu; indeed you don’t exactly feel that great yourself so your brain isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders. You have just made your first of many assumptions, trying to rationalise what’s going on around you and force it to meet you expectations of how the day should pan out. The Common Cold – Could It Really Be The Death Of Us?

Only it doesn’t.

So the question is, would we recognise the end if it came in the form of something we actually expect? A cold epidemic, perhaps, especially in winter might see us travelling a long way from our homes before we realise that our problems were just starting.

A recent outbreak in Kansas, USA, may point to the possibility of this scenario. Over 450 kids were hospitalised, many into intensive care treatments because of a bug that has so far remained unidentified. Apparently it has also spread to other states including Colorado, Illinois and Ohio. And it’s all happened pretty quickly. It appears they have indications of 3 strains of virus, Enterovirus D68 or EV-D68, D68 or EV-D68, usually only causing mild asthma symptoms. In this particular version it caused the usual asthma-like symptoms but with fever, muscular aches and rashes. Several children also required ventilators. There is currently no vaccine for these strains so if this spreads more quickly, hospitals’ intensive care units will soon become swamped, leading to very serious consequences wherever it breaks out.

Thankfully there are no known deaths attributable to this infection, but its initial symptoms were those of flu.

Makes you think, doesn’t it. Our troops use camouflage to get in unnoticed; can disease consciously do the same thing?

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