The Bite shows us COVID and ZOMBIES

Spectrum Originals Audra McDonald and Taylor Schilling face a COVID zombie outbreak in the first trailer for Michelle and Robert King s Spectrum satire The Bite.

The Bite, a new six-episode satire about the pandemic created and written by The Good Fight and Evil duo. However, based on the above promo, it seems as though the series will have more in common with their show Braindead, a one-season thriller about aliens infecting the brains of Washington D.C. politicians.

The Bite features McDonald and Schilling as two New York neighbors facing down a new strain of the COVID- virus that can be transferred via a bite and turns people into zombies. McDonald plays Rachel, a doctor fighting her struggling marriage to a doctor Steven Pasquale, and her many clients, two of whom go complete zombie right before her eyes on Zoom.

Meanwhile, Lily appears to be a dominatrix trying to please her Wall Street clients during this outbreak. Even in these very odd times, everyone is still expected to pay rent!

The series also stars Will Swenson The Greatest Showman, Phillipa Soo Hamilton, and Leslie Uggams Roots.

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Written by Daniella Vega

Avid prepper and kick-boxer. Fascinated by the undead and everything zombie. Not your typical girl, beware of dogs! Daniella is in the process of writing her first book "The dead aren't dead, tales from the autopsy room". Besides writing about anything zombie related, she enjoys a good glass of wine and the beach outside her home. Personal trainer by day, apocalypse nerd by night.