The Big N-O in the ZA

Have you noticed how hot zombies have gotten? I don’t mean hot as in fashionable or trendy, but hot like Salma Hayek’s dance scene in From Dusk Till Dawn. Everywhere you look in the zombie world, the undead are getting more and more doable. Go to any zombie themed Facebook page or Pinterest board and you’ll see reanimated corpses looking very sexy and showing plenty of skin that has eluded the decomposition process in all the right places. There is even a growing market for zombie erotica books and stories.

It’s odd that we sexualize something so detestable, an abomination that is dead but somehow alive at the same time, wandering the earth with the sole intention of killing and eating those of us that are still alive. While I find it odd, I will admit that I also partake- a little. I can’t say I’ve read any zombie-on-living person sex stories, and don’t intend to, but I do enjoy the “sexy zombie” cosplay and some of the sexualized zombie art I’ve seen around the internets, Rob Sacchetto’s Zombie Pin-ups in particular. While I find these sorts of things to be perfectly fine for the purpose of entertainment, it’s important to remember that with zombies, you have to be able to separate fantasy from reality when the time comes. Since it’s becoming more and more popular to sexualize zombies, it needs to be said that, when the dead do rise, there will be nothing sexy or erotic about them. To think otherwise will be to put yourself at even greater risk at a time when you will already be in grave danger. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt sexual relations, or any relations, with the undead. It doesn’t matter how fresh or attractive they are, how lonely you are, or what amount of protection you use, living/zombie sex should be considered out of the question. Not only would you be putting yourself at greater risk of being bitten, but there is no way to know if the zombie virus will be transmitted through intercourse or how the human body will react when introduced to the virus venereally.

I’m a very ‘to each their own’ kind of guy. I don’t judge anyone for the ways they get their rocks off unless it involves children or animals. If you read zombie sex books, look at pictures of scantily clad zombies online, or even if you own a zombie sex toy, that’s your own business. Just remember that those things are for entertainment only. Sex with the undead is a big N-O! A real zombie should never be used as a zombie sex toy.

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Written by Ian

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