The beginning: September 16 1985

By KR Bernard: The beginning: September 16 1985. A seven pounds light brown skin color heavy black rough and curly natural sheer hair baby boy is born in my homeland of Puerto Rico. My mama is a Puerto Rican light skin color, average height, black reddish short hair that is above her shoulders, golden brown eyes, her full long eyelashes, loving kind, and strong is my mama Maria. She is laying in the hospital bed cradling me in her arms. Standing around the hospital bed are my eldered sorer, Mya a light skin color tall slender but curvy, reddish black,  blonde long hair, hazel eyes seeing that she wears contacts and my all-black father Ron medium slender tall muscular build, an unconnected shave black beard dark brown skin color.

They all were smiling at me as I behold all the new faces of coming out of the darkness in my mama’s womb. I want to smile back at them but I did not have the knowledge to do the task of smiling. I would think who are all these people who smiling at me?   My begetters name me Carlos Sergio. After days in the hospital laying in a glass container, being as newborns can be, Maria was able to take me back home a neat small two stories shack that is Ron’s home before my grandmamma and grand father retire to a seclude senior citizens complex. Our home is in San Juan that is also in central Puerto Rico that lay way to vendors markets standing on bricks laid roads and massive structures that grows larger as you pass them by going to one of the vendors markets.

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Written by KR Bernard