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  • Rob and Zom Episode 5: Lost

    It’s difficult to find your way in life. It’s even more difficult when you’re not technically alive… and when you murder anyone who attempts to give you directions. Such is life, or whatever Rob and Zom have, in the post-apocalypse. The latest episode of the RobAndZom animated series explores this struggle. More

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    Rob and Zom Episode 4: Pilot Episode

    Safety may always come first, but what happens to the policies and regulations we have come to accept as standard when we find ourselves thrust into a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Will we ever even know what true security looks like? The latest episode of our RobAndZom animated series explores these philosophical questions. More

  • Rob and Zom Episode 2: If I Only

    Rob and Zom are off to find that time machine, but we don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. If your zombie apocalypse could use some Wizard of Oz, you might enjoy this episode of our dark, philosophical comedy series, RobAndZom. More

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    Rob and Zom Episode 3: Mortal Conundrum

    We’re all talking about what to do when we humans face the zombie apocalypse, but what about the difficult decisions our undead friends will have to make? We at RobAndZom are animating a series that will shed light on deep, philosophical quandaries like this. More