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  • “Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?”: Book Review

    So that’s the real question. Can you survive? I certainly thought I could, before I got a little ways into “Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?”, and died. The “choose your own adventure” zombie book by author Max Brallier is tons of bloody fun. It works like any other “choose your own adventure” book. You […]

  • How zombies invaded video games

    One of the biggest trends in modern media in the last decade is the mainstream use of zombies to thrill and terrify us. But it’s not only cinematic treats such as World War Z and TV series like The Walking Dead that have used a little zombie appeal, as there has also been a zombie […]

  • Must Read: Zombie Anthologies!

    The walking dead have permeated popular culture to such an extent that no visit to a bookshop or cinema goes without encountering some variation of the contemporary zombie. Zombie literature is inescapable, and the sheer volume available is as daunting as a relentless crowd of flesh-hungry foes. With this in mind, I would like to suggest […]

  • Zombie Rising Magazine

    How’s it buzzing all my bloody Zom-bees! I’ve got some cool new action to report in the world of zombie journalism. I bet as your sitting there reading all the awesome content here in Zombie Guide Magazine your thinking, “Gee! I wonder if there are any other zombie themed magazines out there?”. Give or take […]

  • The Walking Dead: Season Two from Telltale Games

    The Walking Dead from Telltale Games is back! Season Two of The Walking Dead kicks off with Episode One: All That Remains. We meet back up with Clementine, a bit older and much more jaded. Also, you are now her. In this round of The Walking Dead, with Lee dead, you play on as Clementine. […]

  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors

    For almost the entire time I have known him, my fiancé has talked about a video game he used to play as a kid, Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Well, he finally got himself a new copy a few months ago and we started playing together. I can now gladly admit that it is my favorite […]

  • The End of the World is Nigh!- Star in the zombie apocalypse!

    Here at Zombie Guide Magazine, we love supporting independent creators: artists, film producers and authors. We support the development of unique creative content and now YOU can be a part of that content! The End of the World is Nigh! Is a new and unique project on the crowdfunding sight RocketHub. But what makes this […]

  • We’re Alive: A Zombie Podcast

      The contemporary zombie is a product of film, while elements of zombieism are evident in works predating Romero’s Night of The Living Dead; it is arguably this classic film that has shaped what we think of when faced with the notion of zombies. Having a firm foundation in the visual arts, zombie visual media […]