Survival Uses: Metal Spoons

Survival Uses: Metal Spoons

Though a basic staple in every home, spoons can be quite versatile when you think of it. The modern-day spoon is a lot older then you think. The spoon dates back 3,000 years ago to Ancient Egypt, where they used it for religious purposes and food prep. It did gain popularity as an eating utensil until 14th Century Europe. Today, 1.5 billion people use a spoon to eat daily. With every household reporting on average, they own 12 spoons that are a lot of spoons to work within a post-apocalyptic setting. Survival Uses: Metal Spoons:

Spoon Ring

This is more of a thing you can barter with, then a survival tool. Spoon rings are small and compact, so you’ll be able to carry a lot with you, without taking to much space in your pack. If you use old fashion silverware you’ll have a small supply of silver to make purchases with. Making spoon rings is not a new concept as many people believe. It began in the 17th Century with wealthy families making them too showcase their wealth. At the time silverware often dawn the family’s crest on them. Spoon rings were so popular that servants would often steal a piece to fashion engagement rings out of them. They caught back on during the 60s and today because of the earthy, hippy vibes they give off.


Once settled into a new safe location the first thing you are going to want to do is, restore some amount of normalcy to your life. What a better to do this than by making something to hang your hat on. Spoon hooks give off a nice, rustic sheek look. They are made seem easy to make, but they take a lot of elbow grease to accomplish it. First, you’ll want to flatten the head of the spoons to allow it to hang up better. Second, you’ll want to shape the handle into your desired hook shape. Lastly, you’ll want to drill three holes into the spoon’s head and attach it to the desired spot.

Fishing Lure

In a world, without grocery stores, you will be responsible for providing food for your family. This now gives every guy an excuse to go fishing all day without being nagged by the wife. Eventually, though your gear will break and your pieces will get lost, so you’ll need to make your own. To make a spoon fishing lure you start by cutting off the handles (save them for later). You’ll want to cut it as close to the head as possible. Next, sand down the sharp edges making a smooth, round surface. Then, you want to carefully hammer the head so there is a slight curve to it. After that, you want to drill a hole on the top and bottom of the spoon. Once you finish you’ll attach a split ring in each hole, one for the line and the other a trouble hook. Finally, you’ll want to paint it so it’ll blend with the surroundings.

Garden Markers

Once you get your garden going it’ll take months for the crops to grow. By the time they start blooming, you’ll probably forget what you even planted in the first place, or worse, you would have planted too much of something because you forgot you planted it in the first place. This is why plant markers are important. They let you know what you plant and where it is in the garden. To make one you’ll need to is flatten the spoon heads. The flatter they are, the easier they will be to stamp. Second, you’ll want to take a ruler and draw a line across the middle of the head with a permanent marker. Third, using a metal stamping set, stamp the crop’s name on it. Once the name is stamped out color them in with the marker you used earlier. It’s okay if it’s a little hard to see right now because we are going to take some sandpaper and buff out the lines and markers to make it visible. For something a little easier you can take those discarded handles from when you made lures and use permanent paint to label them with your crops.

Signaling Mirror and Other Uses

The most common material spoons are made from today is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a form of steel that resists to tarnishing and rust. This makes for an ideal reflective surface, much in the way of a mirror. You can use it to reflect sunlight to start a fire. You can use it to signal to rescuers where you are. It can also be used to bang on some surfaces to communicate via Morse Code. It can be used in the garden as a towel to help plant seeds and seedlings. The heads can by sharpen into points and be used for spears or arrows. As you can see there are more uses to the spoon then eating soup or cereal.

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