Supplies You Should Buy At Dollar Stores

Supplies You Should Buy At Dollar Stores

A dollar store is an amazing place for the beginning prepper. The aisles are filled with amazing, cheap products, and everything is only a dollar. These are good places to fill your kits with the little things and help a friend get started with the basics. These are my top five you got buy items at every dollar store from my own experience. Supplies You Should Buy At Dollar Stores


Bleach is pretty important in your kit. You can use it for cleaning, water purification, and to barter with. The bleach at the dollar store is usually small so they’re good for your go and car kits. Most likely it is name brand stuff so you’ll already know its good quality. Just remember, when buying bleach don’t buy any with special cleaners or scents in it. The other cleaning products are just as useful as bleach. In any pandemic situation, you are going to want to keep everything clean and germ-free the best you can. You don’t know who lived there last or what they had, all you know is zombism is a disease and should be treated as one. Sanitize Everything!

Wet Wipes

I love dollar store brand wet wipes. These things are just as good as the name brand products, but a lot of people shy away from them because of there costs. Like the bleach, they may be cheap but are just as effective. Also, this is another multipurpose tool everyone forgets to talk about. It can be used to help cool someone down having a heat stroke. A helpful soothing agent if you get sun or windburned. Wrap one on the end of a long stick to clean up dusty corners on the cleaning. A whole pack of them can be used to help free your car if you get stuck in the snow. You can even dry a few out to make rags out of them.

Can Opener

Food is important in a disaster. The human body can only survive for three weeks without nutrition. Just because it’s a dollar doesn’t mean you should scoff at it. I have one and I use it more than my electric can opener because of how sturdy it is. The average can opener in a big box store is eight to ten dollars, why spend that on one when you can get eight or ten and use the extras to trade with. When the apocalypse occurs, canned food will be the new currency among the surviving groups, so you’ll need the tools to open them.

Shelf-Stable Foods

Most dollar stores don’t have a fridge or freezer section, but that doesn’t mean they don’t carry food. Besides canned goods, they have an array of goodies. They have candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sugar, cooking oil, and spices to enhance any menu. Box meals for quick dinners. Dollar stores often have sold on food items they accidentally over-ordered so you can be stretching that dollar even farther. Unfortunately, they sell a lot of knock off brands that might not taste good. It’s best when introducing a portion of new food to your storage you eat it first. Nothing sucks more when the zombies up raise and all you got is twenty cans of pasta you hate. Eating foods you dislike can cause Food Fatigue to set in faster making your body start rejecting the food item.

Puzzle Books

You’re going to need something quiet to do to pass the time while waiting out a passing horde. Next time you’re at your dollar store check out the stationery aisle and look through their huge selection of puzzle books. My local store has six types of word search books. That’s not including the crosswords, sudokus, and coloring books also available in this aisle. Some even have decent novels if you’re interested in reading.


I know I was skeptical too when I bought cold medicine for a dollar, but it was worth it. From aspirin to antibiotic ointment your dollar store’s health aisle has a wide selection of first aid products and medication. The aspirin is very powerful and can relieve migraines. The band-aids are sturdy and great for those with sensitive skin. All my first aid kits are stocked with dollar store brand products, some even hold sales around back to school time where if you buy so many first aid products they’ll give you a free bag to put them.


Yes, most dollar stores now have hardware and the automotive aisle that contain an assortment of tools. I feel that their tools are just as good as anything you’ll buy at a hardware store. Hammers and screwdrivers are strong and durable. The crowbars are sturdy and do their jobs well. The zip ties are great and helped hold up my tent during a rainstorm. Recently I noticed my dollar store started carrying jumper cables for the car and if anyone is brave enough to buy and use them I would love to hear about your experience with them.


Their lighters might not be worth the money, but their candles are good. Candles are a lot more versatile then you think. You can use them to barter for supplies you need. They can be converted into a little stove using a pop can or a terracotta pot. Provide warmth during a winter emergency. When almost burnt out it can be used as an emergency tinder. The wax dripping down can be used to lubricant a fire bow or seal a letter. There’s much you can do with candles, besides lighting up a room. When I was a kid me and my mother would buy a couple of large pillar candles, placed them in a bowl, and roasted marshmallows over them for an indoor bonfire.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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