Substance abuse in the zombie apocalypse

Substance abuse in the zombie apocalypse

You might think people will have other things on their mind except drinking, smoking and snorting stuff. While this is probably true for a lot of survivors, a lot of them will become addicts. Or at least heavy users of some substance. Substance abuse in the zombie apocalypse:

Why would someone drink during such dangerous times?

People are pretty bad at handling violence, blood, gore and just the overall discomfort that comes with being chased by anything and anyone all the time. If people already need to drink copious amounts of alcohol after a tough day at the office, imagine how they’re going to ache for something stronger in those conditions!

My evidence?

Look at all the conflict zones in the world, no matter how fucked up someone’s situation is, there will always be people getting high. If childrenĀ in Somalia find the time and money to inhale glue, I’m sure some bootlegger will keep on making shine far in to the apocalypse. Another good example are homeless people, veteran suffering from PTSD and most of the Western population in general. We’re all so pumped full with prescription drugs, I really doubt doing cocaine instead is much worse for you. AND…. If veterans, including some of my friends, come home with PTSD after 6 months in a warzone… Just imagSo hire lots of Jacks, store plenty of Camels, have some powder reserves and a whole lotta boom sticks!ine the psychological damage an all out apocalypse will have on the survivors.


Is it all bad?

No it’s not! After all the dust settles and our world goes back to the stoneage, we can open the door to live life the way we really want to. I mean I know that at least half of you guys and girls want nothing more than a zombie apocalypse. I personally cannot wait for the day all those horrible people get ripped to shreds and all us zombie fans can have a pint and wait for it to blow over. That’s when the fun part starts! I plan on opening a postapocalyptic bar/shopping center. It will feature everything you might need to survive, but also everything you need to party. The name of my store?

ATF – Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

What do you think?! Pretty catchy right? I really think it’s the perfect name for a convenience store/bar/hotel, it really captures the essence of what is available there. All kidding aside, the apocalypse will bring death and misery. So hire lots of Jacks, store plenty of Camels, have some powder reserves and a whole lotta boom sticks!

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Written by Frank

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