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  • In the end, it doesn’t matter

    They waited for several weeks until the screams of terror and violence outside died out. When most supplies ran out, they decided to make a run for it, get out of town. Driving for the entire day, the undead roamed everywhere. They expected the countryside to be safe, but nothing could be further from the […] More

  • The march for Revenge

    Leading the group after the elders had died, it was now over twelve years after the event. Zack hadn’t known any different, other than some vague childhood memories of the years before. All he knew was how to hunt and keep his group safe as they followed an old road littered with cars. These devices […] More

  • Sarah’s Patrol

    Short flash fiction repost from Instagram

    Sarah paused as she heard faint gnawing noises coming from her right. Staying completely still, ears wide open to what this sound could be. Her scouting mission was almost over, she was so close to her settlement, this was not the time to get sloppy. Inching forward she, her heart dropped to the floor when […] More

  • Michele wants freedom

    The shambling dead all around her, the city she once knew and grew up in was on fire around her. But Michelle knew her way out would be just around the corner. On the other side of the river, the military had cleared out the city center. All she had to do was get to […] More

  • LOVABLY DEAD by Alex Eldrich

    LOVABLY DEAD by Alex Eldrich

    Ladies and gents, we present you with: LOVABLY DEAD by Alex Eldrich. “Nguh…” Kate rolled over to face her fiancé lying next to her on his back. “What, honey?” “Nguhhhh…!” “Oh you poor thing, you’re hungry aren’t you?” She noticed a glob of drool on the corner of his mouth. Grabbing a tissue from the night table […] More

  • The beginning: September 16 1985

    The beginning: September 16 1985

    By KR Bernard: The beginning: September 16 1985. A seven pounds light brown skin color heavy black rough and curly natural sheer hair baby boy is born in my homeland of Puerto Rico. My mama is a Puerto Rican light skin color, average height, black reddish short hair that is above her shoulders, golden brown […] More

  • A Brain is For Eating

    Local Team Publishes Children’s Zombie Book

    A Brain is For Eating is a book for zombie children that teaches the little walking undead how to find their next meal: brains. The book is being locally published via Kickstarter where fans can purchase a print or digital copy of the book before the campaign expires on Sunday. The book is the brainchild […] More

  • The Doctor is in part II

    Abby spun around to see what had scared her mother and the hockey stick knocked over a vase. Sending it crashing to the ground. The sound of the shattering vase drew his attention. Lauren ran to the kids, Tyler frantically unlocked the door and as he turned the knob and pulled the small chain high […] More

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