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  • A Brain is For Eating

    A Brain is For Eating is a book for zombie children that teaches the little walking undead how to find their next meal: brains. The book is being locally published via Kickstarter where fans can purchase a print or digital copy of the book before the campaign expires on Sunday. The book is the brainchild […] More

  • The Doctor is in part II

    Abby spun around to see what had scared her mother and the hockey stick knocked over a vase. Sending it crashing to the ground. The sound of the shattering vase drew his attention. Lauren ran to the kids, Tyler frantically unlocked the door and as he turned the knob and pulled the small chain high […] More

  • the virus

    The Virus

    It was a beautiful day. The temperature was somewhere in the mid-seventies, the humidity was low, and the sun gleamed radiantly in a sky that seemed to get more blue with every day that had passed since the dead collectively decided they were no longer going to stay all the way dead. Mike had always […] More

  • The influence of women authors in the zombie scene

    With series like The Walking Dead, movies like Night of the Living dead and World War Z, it seems zombieland is dominated by male authors, actors and artists. This however is not the case… Below the surface, in the underground zombie scene, it’s a whole different ballgame. As the founder of Zombie Guide Magazine, I’ve […] More

  • Deep In – Part 1

    The jungles of Kerala, India, are vast, the state is literally overflowing with nature, you’d think that would be good but it isn’t. Tigers and wild monkeys roam the jungle at night, hunting for food. We knew this, yet we had to go into the “Apayam” jungle to get away from the Z’s, the Z’s […] More

  • The Coffin in the Reeds

    Lightning flashed and thunder crashed, shaking the very foundations of the little farmhouse. Inside, twelve year old Tommy Watkins shook under the covers of his bed as if they offered sanctuary from the raging storm. “That was a big one,” he muttered through chattering teeth. He stroked the golden fur of his dog as it […] More

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