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Hold on, before you get all mad here, I think this idea really has something to it! What do almost all great survival games have in common? They offer trading posts for survivors! So why not start your own when the apocalypse starts? Get it fortified and stock up on stuff worth trading.

The first thing you need is a location. It needs to meet all the requirement for surviving a zombie apocalypse. So a good location in a not too densely populated area, a strong structure and of course lots of space. Things that come to mind are warehouses on industrial parks, prisons, lighthouses, farms and such locations. So assuming you find a place well fortified, what can you start selling?

  1. Alcohol
    This is one of those things people are going to miss. There’s going to be horror and death everywhere, so people are going to want to drink. Get your hands on all the booze you can and include this in your trading post. Or of course, make your own shine famous in whatever is left of the world.
  2. Weapons
    People will need weapons to kill zombies and of course to kill each other. You can try to stock up on weapons as you find them, but make sure the people working and living in your trade post are better armed than your customers. So making weapons from scrap items your people find will make a damn good inventory.
  3. Medical supplies
    Not to be a giant douche, but imagine how much someone with a festering wound would pay for some antibiotics… Yes, a lot! Get yourself a good stock of medical supplies and even plants that have medical capacities.
  4. Clothing
    There’s a little side note to this, you can empty out a few clothing stores relatively easy, but most of the clothing there isn’t meant for a zombie apocalypse. So try hitting up a surplus store, if they’re not cleaned out already. Clothing breaks and wears down faster under harsh conditions like an apocalypse, so people are going to need new.
  5. Food
    This must come as no surprise, but food is going to be a problem for people on the road. If you can get your hands on some chickens, a rooster and build an indoor garden, you’ll have a supply to last you and your crew a long time. Not only that, but being able to serve customers a hot meal will keep them coming in. It might also draw in some zombies, but of course you’ve picked the right location to keep them out!

Now it won’t be easy to set up a post like this, but if you prepare your crew before the apocalypse starts and pick the locations you’ll loot before it all starts, you have a good chance of pulling this off. Scout your environment for places that have lots of space, are easy to get to and well fortified. When all the dust settles and groups of survivors roam the streets, having a self sustaining trade post will give you a huge advantage. But be careful, you’ll be a big target, so make sure you’re always on guard and well armed.

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Written by Frank

Dutch guy living in Finland. Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a hobby project.. Which is still is to this day. Besides writing, my passions are fitness, the outdoors and good food.