Walking Dead Facts Quiz

This one is for the real fans of the show, which of these interesting facts do you know the answer to?

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    What role did Normal Reedus originally apply for?

    • Rick Grimes
    • Merle Dixon
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    Daryl finding a bag of blue drugs is a reference to what AMC show?

    • Better Call Saul
    • Breaking Bad
    • The Killing
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    Why is Michonne’s character hooded in the introduction?

    • Danai Gurira wasn’t cast yet
    • Danai Gurira had a swollen face due to allergies
    • Danai Gurira wasn’t sure if she wanted the role
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    What was the Twitter explanation for the walkers?

    • Alien spores
    • Black magic
    • Devine intervention
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    What happens to Sophia in the comics?

    • Get’s shot
    • Get’s eaten completely
    • Adopted by Glen and Maggie
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    In the comics, what happens to Andrea?

    • Turns into a walker
    • Is Rick’s lover
    • Vanished after getting lost
    • Starts her own group
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    How were Michonne’s armless walkers filmed?

    • Casted people without arms
    • Green screen gloves
    • Arms behind back and fake arms
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    Where is Andrew Lincoln originally from?

    • Britain
    • USA
    • Greece
    • Canada
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    What instruction on walking were walkers given?

    • Act like you’re a corpse
    • Pretend it was leg day
    • Pretend you’re drunk
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    What are the human guts made of walkers eat?

    • Donated human organs
    • Ham
    • Chicken
    • Jelly and porridge

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