8 Zombie Movie Questions

As the true zombie movie fan, would you be able to answer all questions below?

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    Where did the idea for zombies come from?

    • George Romero
    • Haitian voodoo
    • Frankenstein
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    What movie started zombie culture in the US?

    • Night of the Living Dead
    • I Walked with a Zombie
    • White Zombie
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    What did the zombies in Night of the Living Dead eat?

    • Chicken
    • Jelly
    • Ground beef
    • Animals Entrails
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    What film starts out with a scientist trying to cure rage by experimenting on monkeys?

    • 28 Days Later
    • Night of the Living Dead
    • Zombieland
    • Carnival of Souls
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    How did the zombies get inside the city in “Land of the Dead”?

    • They broke the gate
    • Walked under water
    • A suicidal person let them in
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    Who wrote and directed “Plan 9 From Outer Space”?

    • Johnny Depp
    • Andrew Holmberger
    • Ed Wood
    • George Romero
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    2008 movie featuring the unlikely plot of a zombie outbreak in an erotic club?

    • Zombie Strippers
    • Dancers from hell
    • Naked Zombie
    • Necro Club
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    Who played the lady who became a zombie in “White Zombie” (1932)?

    • Darcey May
    • Meryl Streep
    • Joah Dean
    • Madge Bellamy

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