8 More Zombie Movie Questions

Can you answer all of these zombie movie questions?

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    The make-up man behind George Romero’s movies?

    • Tom Savini
    • Tom Ravioli
    • Cliff Stanley
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    Name the 2004 film, featuring the talents of Simon Pegg.

    • The Others
    • Hot Fuzz
    • 28 Weeks Later
    • Shaun of the Dead
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    Bruce Campbell resumes his role as Ash in the third film of a series. In what film does Ash take on a hoard of living skeletons?

    • Army of Men
    • Army of Darkness
    • Army of the Dead
    • Army of Zombies
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    In the 2007 film ‘Ahh! Zombies!(Wasting Away)’, what was it that the four friends ate that wound up turning them into zombies?

    • Rotten meat
    • Bad potatoes
    • Poison
    • Green soft serve ice cream
    • Green soft serve ice cream
    • The devils cake
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    Who played Captain Rhodes in ‘Day of the Dead’?

    • Vin Diesel
    • Frank Sinatra
    • Joe Pilato
    • Hank Williams
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    What part did Arnold Schwarzenegger play in the movie “Maggie”?

    • Maggie’s Uncle
    • Maggie’s Father
    • Maggie’s Teacher
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    What is the name of the 2002 thriller, which takes place in London, where a mysterious virus outbreak has turned nearly all the population into zombies?

    • Londen Hell Nights
    • Night of the Dead
    • 28 Days Later
    • 28 Months Later
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    A zombie western? Yes, which horror comedy features Chris Kattan in the wild west trying to survive an Indian curse that brings the dead to life?

    • Native Zombie
    • White Lands
    • Undead or Alive
    • American Zombie

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