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  • Slow VS Fast Zombies

    If there would be, or.. When the zombie apocalypse hits. Will zombies be the slow shambling corpses like seen in The Walking Dead? Or will they be the hyper aggressive, sprinting meat missiles from Zombieland? Also to note, the slow zombies would need a headshot, the fast ones die like humans. More

  • Madison VS Shaun

    Fight of the stupid! If put in a room together until they made each other mentally insane, which of these characters would win in a fight? More

  • Sang-Hwa VS Gerry Lane

    Let’s put two worlds against each other, the brute force of Sang-Hwa VS Gerry Lane. Which of these two characters would prevail in an all out battle during the apocalypse? More

  • AK Versus AR

    When it comes to finishing zombies and keeping your people safe from other humans. Which of these two weapon platforms would you prefer? Not talking specific rifles, but the platform/style in general. More

  • Michonne VS Alice

    Alright people, who of these two would win in an all out battle during the zombie apocalypse? More

  • Rick Grimes vs Tallahassee

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    Rick Grimes vs Tallahassee

    Who would win in an all our battle, right in the middle of the zombie apocalypse? Will it be the ever lasting bearded leader from The Walking Dead? Or the cowboy hat toting Tallahassee from the Zombieland Series? Make your vote and let’s settle this once and for all! More