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  • Shane Walsh VS Morgan Jones

    Two individuals from Rick’s early days in the apocalypse, they’re both badass, but who’d come out on top in a fight ? More

  • Maggie VS Michonne

    Two super badass killing machines from TWD, they’ve been on the same side for a long ass time, but who’d come out on top if they were pinned against each other ? More

  • Negan VS The Governor

    Two badass killing machines with half a heart. Which of them do you think would come out on top if they were pinned against each other ? More

  • Sledge-Saw VS Pummel Blast

    Which of these Dead Rising 3 Weapons would you pick up in a real life situation ? The sledgehammer fused with a saw OR the sledgehammer with grenades attached to the tips ? 😳 More

  • Terminus VS Oceanside

    A crazy showdown between two groups who’ve never had the chance to come across each other. Who do YOU think would win ? The horrific cannibal community or the badass all woman faction that live by the oceanside ? More

  • The Saviors VS The Whisperers

    A dope showdown between two destructive TWD groups! Which survivor group from TWD do you think would come out on top ? The Merciless Saviors OR The Whispering Dead ? More

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    Carol VS Michonne

    In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, we have the ultimate showdown. Who of these two female characters from The Walking Dead is better? More

  • Infected VS Undead

    When the zombie apocalypse finally hits, what type of zombies will we get? The raging infected, who run but can be killed like any mortal? Or the shambling dead rising up who need a hit to the brain? More

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