Smith & Wesson M&P BB Air Pistol

If your looking to learn to shoot, and can’t get your hands on a real gun, air guns make for great practice. You can find an air gun that replicates almost any type of fire arm, and use it to get yourself used to holding and aiming the weapon before you step up to the real thing. The air gun I’m reviewing here is the Smith & Wesson M&P BB Air Pistol. At a length of 7.5”, this CO2 powered air pistol fires .177 BBs at 420 feet per second. It’s drop out magazine holds 19 BBs and fires them off as fast as you can pull the trigger. It features fixed front and rear sights, with a angle adjustment piece on the back sight. It also features an integrated accessory rail so that you can add a flashlight or laser-sight if desired.

I found this air gun easy to handle, and it aims great right out of the box. A near exact replica of the actual Smith & Wesson pistol, it gives you the look of the real thing, but much lighter weighted. The adjustable back sight is good for shorter or taller people who are having trouble aiming straight. Overall, a great air gun to use for target practice.

Remember to always use caution with BB guns. Despite what some might think, BBs can cause serious damage and even fatality. Treat it like a real gun and don’t consider it a toy.
The holster I’ve chosen to use with this air gun is the UTG Deluxe Commando Belt Holster, Right Handed.A52-LP21841 It’s designed to hold securely most medium pistols. It has a quick release, snap on, buckle and an adjustable belt keeper. It also features a pocket on top able to hold either a sight or two spare magazines and all Velcro straps. The S&W fits perfectly into this holster without being hard to remove.
Together these items make a great practice set and you can find them both for a reasonable price on
Air gun from Smith & Wesson

Holster from UTG

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