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As many of you might know, you need a good firearm and lots of bullets to put the undead back in their graves. What a lot of people might forget, is that you have to carry your rifle around all day. Plus perform various tasks, while not letting go of your weapon. At a gun range, you have your weapons close to you, you can put them down and perform other tasks. During an emergency situation, you might be running, climbing, opening doors, picking up items… These actions will require your weapon to be attached to you or your gear, so that you can move and perform other tasks without losing your gun.

So, we’ve established that we need a sling for our guns. Because you might have multiple guns, or change weapons somewhere during the apocalypse, it’s a good idea to have a universal sling instead of a brand specific one. This is where my friends form come in. They developed a set of universal sling systems, that will fit any mid to long rifle. For this review, they sent me their EZ-Sling.

To the unpacking. The sling comes with several connectors for all sorts of rifles. You can connect it to the butt-stock, loops, the barrel, whatever suits best for your rifle.

In my case, I connected it to a Beretta CX4 Storm. It took me some time to connect the sling and adjust it, this due to this being a short carbine. But when connected, it felt great. The sling holds the rifle in place, I can put it on my back and carry it around. When unlocking the front clip, the sling’s ready for action and I can bring the rifle into a firing position. From this position, I won’t have to use the clip again to put the rifle on my back again. This allows for a rapid change from primary to secondary, or to have the rifle on your back to appear friendly to other people. Though it still just takes the blink of an eye to get it ready again and pop some zombie skulls!



My verdict:

Great sling, comes with all the parts you might need. It’s durable, flexible and very well adjustable to any rifle. I’ll be using it on my airsoft stengun. I’m sure it will give me a nice advantage during matches.

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