Six Things You Should Be Doing During Quarantine

Six Things You Should Be Doing During Quarantine

Many states have been in a shelter-in-place mode for the last week or so, leaving many people stuck at home. Kids can’t go to school and countless stores are closed. Right now boredom is becoming a major problem for people everywhere. We spend on average 1,638 hours a year at our jobs, with many of us having two or more. We become so caught up with the rat race that we have forgotten how to let loose and unwind after a long day. I think it is best to use this time under quarantine to not only improve yourself outside but inside as well. Here are Six Things You Should Be Doing During Quarantine

Learn A Hobby

It never too late to make this year your year. It’s only March, so 2020 is just getting started. Remember those hobbies you’ve started over the last few years, but never got the chance to get up and running now is the time to do so. There are tutorials for every can of hobby imaginable online, from planning guitar to ice sculpting, I’m sure you can find something that piques your interest. So, pull out that New Year’s resolutions list and start crossing things off. Unsure where to start thinking about the things that make you happy, and draft ideas from that.

Study A Second Language

Being bilingual is a huge accomplishment. It’s hard enough mastering English, let alone English on top of another language. 36% of Americans speak two languages for a variety of reasons. Some to help out with international business deals and others to help non-English speaking family members. To help you decide a valuable second language to learn you have to turn to your region. Some areas Spanish is pretty popular but is some regions French and Chinese are the dominant second language. Not only does learning a second language help you better talk to your neighbors, but it has been proven to provide many health benefits like improving concentration and decreases memory loss.

Change Your Career

With many stores closing down because they are deemed unessential, it has given their employees some time to think about there career aspects. This crisis also shows us who careers about there staff and who is only in it for the money. For these unfortunate people, tough times lay ahead for them, but right now they have time to think about there situations. They finally have some time to put their career goals into perspective. For many they have realized they could do way better then there current career and have decided to go back to school. Hundreds of colleges have online programs now for quick two year degrees, or what they call fast-track programs, in order to fill the voids in the marketplace faster. If you are interested in a field of study, but unsure whether it is the right fit for you then check out or for free online classes in every field of study imaginable.

Home Projects

I for one and going to use this time to do the one thing I have been putting off for years, organizing my house. My house is terribly disorganized and I keep putting it off because I just could find the time to do it. Every time I plan to do it something always came up, or some other excuse kept me from doing it. These things have a tendency to linger way too long on the back burner. Now, I have no excuse and neither do you. So, use your time wisely to get these projects finally done.

Start A Garden

With spring being here it’s time to get that garden up and growing. This year also put our food supply chain in the spotlight. With vast shortages, product tampering, and so much of it being exported into the country, it got many of us thinking about where our food truly comes from. We as a society have become too dependent on grocery stores, but grocery stores only carry a few days worth of food. There’s an old saying that says we are nine meals away from anarchy. That could not have been more factual as rioting intensifies in the stores as people begin fighting for what little is on the shelf. This year let’s start cutting ourselves away from grocery store chains and go back to growing our own produce.

Break In The Exercise Machine

The exercise equipment industry is a four billion dollar industry. Every year exercising and losing weight are the number one most common resolution in the country. In January the industry sees a huge spike in people determine to accomplish this goal. Unfortunately, 40% of people purchasing the equipment will end up never using it. With gyms shutting down that home gym has become more important than ever before. Now with no excuse to use, you can get rid of that junk you’ve been piling on it and finally reach those goals you’ve been trying to do for years.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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