September 18 1992 Lunchtime

September 18 1992 Lunchtime

By KR Bernard: September 18 1992 Lunchtime. The next morning, I awaken with no one in the room but me. I get up with a long stretch of my arms yawning from my mouth. I put my white socks and my sneakers back on my feet. I walk out of the room to the go to the lunchroom. Waiting at the front of the lunchroom for Penne and Chow to meet me, I get impatience.  After a few minutes, Penne finally shows up wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday. “Morning where is Chow?”

“He is going to meet us at the spot.” rejoinder Penne.

“Where is the spot?”

“Do you want to go or don’t you?”

“Yes I do.”

“Then let’s get going.”

Penne and I run into the lunchroom, through the kitchen. The kitchen beholds as most lunchroom kitchens look like with several silver tables set up on both sides of the wall, a giant dings supply refrigerator chiller, a twin pizza oven, and three rows of steel plated cabinets. The doorway leads to the basement of that is blocked off with broken down kitchen equipment to make sure that the weighty large clodhopping zombify creature carry on living down there. Penne start to move the small equipment out of the doorway then he to moves the larger equipment. I stand near him gaping at the moving of the kitchen’s equipment agonize overthinking about what McCall told me and of course told Penne never go down there. I want to keep my promise.

“Can you help me with this?”

 “I cannot help you, because I do not want to get in trouble or do not want weighty large clod hopping zombify creature living down there to get out.”

“Nothing is down da, whatever is down da is out of the basement gone from the basement” Penne rejoinder as I can hear his Germanic language come through accidentally.

“How do you sense for sure?”

“I know for if something is down da you would have heard it making racket.”

“But McCall warn me.”

“Are you a chicken, if you want to hang with me and Chow, you need to stopfen as a narc out chicken.”

“I am no scare chicken.”

I start to push the larger equipment out of the doorway. Penne and I walk down three steps of staircases to the basement. I look encircle the basement there are only four windows almost completely cover in black spray paint, half of the basement floor is destroy since debris fell from a destroy warehouse adjusted to where we are. I also see a lot of skeletons bones scattered all encircle on the basement’s floor. “Hey, Carlos over here I found that something cool I was telling you about.”  I run over to Penne where a large piece of the ceiling fell to the floor.

“This is what I want to show you a zombie corpse.” The dead corpse has on dirty blue sweat pan white sneakers, and a gooey strained no team sign basketball jersey. The dead corpse face is a bruise green-pale skin color having another blood strain on his head.

“I never seen one up close before.” “Let’s poke him with a stick.”

Penne hands me a medium long stick I grab the stick lifting the stick up. Ready to poke the dead corpse in his face. Suddenly, the dead corpse pop up to be chasing me encircle the basement. The zombie run is right behind me yelling.

“It’s me it’s me Chow” as he is laughing and chasing me.

I stop running encircle the basement, turn encircle to push Chow to the floor. “That is not funny leave me alone for now on.” As I am leaving the basement to walk up the steps of staircases, Penne follows me as I reach the top of the steps of staircases. Penne is behind me grabbing the back of my shirt. “It was only a joke Carlos.” I turn encircle to release his clings with my arm. Continuing to walk away into the kitchen, he grabs the back of my shirt again. “Hey Carlos hold on let me talk to you.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m sorry Carlos, I didn’t have in mind to make you in a temper we were trying to have a little fun, since all we do is Essen, sleep, and prime.”

“Okay but what do you medianus?”

“What I mean is things are too serious in hither.”

“It is okay Penne, but let us go back down to the basement to tell Chow to come up into the kitchen to put the equipment back where they were.” Penne and I run back down the steps of staircases to get Chow. I help him up off the floor we run back up the steps of staircases to put all the kitchen equipment back in-between the doorway to continue blocking the doorway.

Penne, Chow, and I run out of the kitchen back into the lunchroom to wait for Saundra and McCall. After about an hour passing still sitting at the table, McCall finally walk into the lunchroom with scores on his face.  “What happened to your face?” ask Chow.

“A rat crept in my cabin to besieged me last night while I was sleeping, I was in his way of getting to some cheese that I brought to my cabin for a snack’ rejoinder McCall as he smiles.

“Where is Saundra?” I ask

“I don’t know, maybe she couldn’t sleep last night and decided to wander around the warehouse.’ He gapes straight at Chow. McCall walk away from the table towards the kitchen door. He stops midway through the door turning around gaping at me for a moment. “Carlos, come help me prepare breakfast please?”

“I will help you cook breakfast.” I get up from the table to walk to the kitchen. We walk the rest of the way into the kitchen. I stand next to him in front of the silver metal table further from the door. McCall turn to behold the basement door. He turns back to me with an uncertain gape. “Did you and Penne go down into the basement like I told you not to do?”

I turn my face looking out the kitchen door. Thinking should I stitch on my family or lie. I turn back to McCall. “No, we did not. I was sleeping. I do not know what Penne or Chow was doing.”

“Are you confident?’ With his face getting a hot red. “Yes, I am sure we did not go down there.”

I turn back to the table to behold that all the pots, pans, and other utensils are already set on the table. I never notice that the pots, pans, and other utensils are on the table before I came back into the kitchen. McCall grab a medium frying pan and a medium sauce pan. He hands both of them to me right away. “Take this frying pan and put it on the top of the heated stovetop. We are going cook the eggs and grits in those two items.” I walk over to the hot stovetops carefully putting the pans on the first two tops on the fiery blue flames hot centers of the stovetops. As I walk back over to the table for further instructions, McCall walk over to the flat copper grill top to turn on the grill. “Get the eggs and bacon out the chiller please?”

“Yes, where are the items in the chiller?

“The bacon and eggs are on the top shelf on the first rack in a white plastic container.” I walk to the chiller, open the chiller’s door grabbing the white container. I take out the carton of eggs and the package of bacon from the container. I put the container back on the shelf, open the chiller’s door walking out the chiller then closing the chiller’s door behind me. I walk back to the table to place the eggs and bacon on the table.

I take eight eggs out of the container while unpacking the package of bacon. “You can put the bacon in the frying pan, crack the eggs and put them in the bowl right there.” I crack the eggs on the edge of the table and put each in the bowl. I place the bowl on the far end of the table. McCall put the eggs in the frying pan. “Do you know how to scramble eggs?”

“I do my mama Maria taught me how to cook eggs.” I rejoinder with a saddening frown.

“Cheer up you have a new family.”  “I will.” After a quick stop in silence he senses that I am lying to him about Penne, Chow, and I going down into the basement.  “When I first stay in the warehouse, I went down into the basement. I saw nothing, notwithstanding body parts and bones with I figured that the workers at the warehouse would take the ones who got sick to take care of them in the basement. I left the basement’s door open during one night.  I heard a forceful groan coming from the basement. I ran to the kitchen I took all the loose heavy, varying sizes kitchen equipment. I cursorily made a wall to barricade the hulking monster from getting out in here. Just for the monster isn’t here during the day doesn’t mean that he isn’t.”

“I understand.” I walk over to the frying pan using a big Spork to scramble the eggs. When the eggs are cook I put them in a red serving dish. McCall put the bacon on the grill. Lastly I stir in the grits while they are cooking in a roaring boiling pot. After we finish cooking everything I put the bacon into a large pan. Then I put the grits into another red serving dish, McCall grab the grits, while I grab the serving dishes walking out the kitchen to the table.  We put the food on the table, “Are you ready to eat?” “Yes, we are.” rejoinder Penne, and Chow together. As McCall is fixing everyone plates, Saundra walk slowly into the lunchroom to the table. “Great morning Saundra.”

“Good morning Carlos.” say Saundra.

“What happened to you early this morning, because when I woke up I saw that you were not in your sleeping bag?”

“I couldn’t sleep last night, and McCall saw me walking around the storehouse. He found me sleeping on the floor. I reckoned that he sifted me, and took me to his sleeping room.’

“Did you not tell us, that you did not know where she was when you woke up this morning?”

“What I implied to note is Saundra was sleeping in my room, notwithstanding that she left fore I woke up.’

“I did leave in advance of McCall waken up this morning and I went back to my sleeping bag to go back to sleep.” While Saundra gaping at McCall with a tiny tear coming down her right eye. After we finish chomping on breakfast Chow and I clean off the table while Sandra and Penne wash the dishes. McCall walk out the lunchroom through the warehouse to go back to his cabin to get his clothes. He goes down to the male’s locker room to wash up changing his clothes into an ugly black sweat suit. McCall walk back to the lunchroom beholding us still doing our chores. He is upset and impatience with our slowness. “Hurry up it is time to go train!” He run out the lunchroom running to the loading docks. Penne and Saundra run out the lunchroom close behind McCall. Chow and I are washing the last few dishes when he yelled.

“Why are we going to the loading docks?”

“McCall instructs us on how to keep the family’s bodies and souls together in the correct way for the survival in the nonfictional world.”

“That is what Penne was talking about that is all we do is chomp, sleep, and train.”

“He wants us to able to scavenge on our own for the family McCall is a senior.”

“I understand.”

“Come on, I will show you where the loading pier is.” I put the pans back into the cabinet. Chow and I run out of the kitchen into the lunchroom out through the warehouse.

“Do you feel that McCall is acting a little strange this morning?”

“No, he’s a good man who loves his adopted children.”

“Maybe too much?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. McCall is a good man that rescued me from danger when the family went missing as I was playing at the playground park.” rejoinder Chow with an un-confident smile while I sense that he is hiding something from me. “I apologize for your family.” When we reach the loading docks I behold yellow white forklifts near the entrance of the loading docks, giant hazel wood flat boards, a twisted metal steps of staircases leading up to a small single compartment room, and hundreds of different color plastic crates. The loading docks is an open space that has far enough space to be a gymnasium but without the waxed clean hazel wood floor. Actually the floor is a dark grey concrete. Saundra and Penne are sitting on the floor stretching their legs in the butterfly stance while McCall is showing them what to do next. Chow and I run in the line to stretch ourselves. We continue to do different warm ups and stretches for twenty minutes until McCall give us new instructions. He opens a dark blue bag reach inside pulling out multiple colors athletic clothes out the bag.

“I want you to put on these clothes fore every time you train.” One at a time he nods his head at us to go our walk over to him to grab the clothes out of his hands. Penne, Chow, and I go down into the male’s locker room, when I get inside the male’s locker room I see five stands up stalls, with three large sinks that are set up right beside the stands up stalls. Then I see eight toilet stalls that are separated by eight yellow white stall’s walls I walk out the bathrooms’ side to walk into the locker room. The locker room side is much larger with ten rows of yellow metal lockers and hard dark hazel wood benches.  As I continue to walk to the other side of the men’s locker room I also see seven tall showers that are split up by seven old white tiled walls. Penne and Chow walk to their lockers I walk a few feet behind Penne for him to present me with my own locker.  “Hey Carlos, here is your locker with your toaille, bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and washcloth inside.”

“Thanks.” I grab my washrag, and towel out my locker. I put them on the bench. We all start to take our clothes off with of course, our towel wrap encircles our lower bodies for us to keep our private parts private. Chow and Penne goes into their own separate showers. I grab my washrag and towel. I walk into the shower turn the shower knob to the hot pressure side to take a shower. Cleaning myself I feel a little in merriment that I have a place to live and a becoming family to live with but I am still homesick missing my actual family. After we finish our showers; we all get dress for training with McCall. Saundra is in the women’s locker room to take her shower, and to get dress for training too. Chow, Penne, and I run out of the locker rooms through the warehouse to get back to the loading docks. When we reach the loading docks we see McCall waiting with Saundra sitting on two crates. “Hurry up, get into a single line!” We get into a straight, short, unswerving line.

“Today Penne, Saundra, and Chow you are going to practice everything that I taught you so far on the rooftop of the warehouse.”

“Isn’t Carlos going to drill with us on the top off the covering?” ask Saundra.

“Yes he will soon enough. I just want to get caught up on his own one on one to teach Carlos how to Parkour.” rejoinder McCall.

“Okay.” say Saundra.

“Now you three of my children can go to the rooftop of the warehouse to practice for hours”

As McCall and I behold everyone else running up the long, twisted metal, steps of staircases and through the door that take them to the roof. First McCall and I start to do some more warm-up exercises for an hour. He back flip maneuver out of nowhere. I sense that he takes merriment in training others in parkour with a large smile on his face.

Then he starts to teach me the basic maneuvers by slowly showing me how to do each basic maneuvers of Parkour.  McCall and I train in the basic maneuvers together then I show him that I can do most of the basic maneuvers on my own. When McCall start to train me in the more advance maneuvers of Parkour I horse encircle with some of the advance maneuvers while he becomes frustrate with my horsing encircle. I sense that he is frustrate but I am a seven-year-old. He walks away from me then he comes back with a red hot face. “Stop what you doing right now!”

“Why what I do?” “Sit right next to me” I stop myself from doing an advance maneuver over again. I walk over to two blue crates to sit down next to him. “What did I do wrong?”

“Parkour is a life style, not some tricks that are seen in a circus, I take Parkour seriously, and you should too.”

“Yes sir.”  McCall and I get up off the blues crate to continue to train. After two hours of training McCall and I sit back down on the two blues crates taking a break from teaching and training. Our clothes are drenching wet with sweat, my hands are dirt grayish black from doing all basic and advance maneuvers of Parkour on the floor. Sweat is dripping down my forehead but I feel great and tire.

“You are a fast learner Carlos, notwithstanding you still need to practice what I taught you at least three times a week. After that I will teach you some more interesting movements’ activities.”

“Okay sir, but where did you learned how to Parkour?” I whip the sweat off of my forehead with the sleeve of my shirt.

“I learn from my mentor and teacher Adan Ston he is the founder of Parkour in my hometown in Miami”


“When I was only fourteen years old, I didn’t like playing the usually sports that most boys of my age played, so my father brought me to a gym.” As McCall is describing the gym to me I can behold in my head what the description of the gym. I can behold a long, light, blond ropes hanging from the ceiling, a jumping pit with a mass array of soft heavy sponges, a floor build-in trampoline, pulled up bars on one side of the gym’s way.  I also can behold in my head, a small room where you could lift weights and a blue carpeted open floor where you could do so many flips. “The gym was called Masters, Spotter, and Flippers My father introduced me to Adan Ston.” say McCall with a strange smile.

“How long did you have to train?”

“I was taught by Adan Ston for about nine years every single day for five hours per day until he got unwell in his health that he had to give up the lifestyle of parkour.” rejoinder McCall with a saddening look as I can sense that he cares for his mentor and trainer.

“Did Mr. Ston get better from being sick?”

“No he didn’t he met his maker two years passed.”

“I am sorry about your mentor and trainer.”

“I trained on my own for seven more years until I perfected my style parkour.”

“Okay that is great I guess”

“Don’t worry; it might not take you as long as I did to become as esteem as Adan Ston or me.’

“Thanks sir. I know I will get as great as you.”

“Carlos can you run up on the rooftop of the warehouse to tell the others that practice is over for the day?”

“Yes sir.” I run up the long twisted steps of staircases, through the dark blue metal door, I quickly walk onto the black rectangle rooftop of the structure. I see Penne, Chow, and Saundra running across the black rectangle rooftop, doing the same Parkour advance maneuvers I was doing just in a better way. They stop for a minute before they run once more. Saundra gape at me as I walk through the door she smiles and I smile back at her. While I have Saundra’s attention. “Hello guys McCall told me to tell you that you can stop training for today.”

“We will be done soon.” rejoinder Penne as they race back across the back rectangle rooftop. As I behold them, I can see that Penne takes the leadership of Chow and Saundra when McCall is not encircling to behold over them. After Chow, Sandra, and Penne race across the black rectangle rooftop, they stop training for us to go back inside to see what McCall wants us to do next, but he is nowhere in sight.

“Where is McCall?” ask Chow.

“I do not know he was here a minute ago.”

“He might be in the kitchen, cooking dinner.” rejoinder Saundra.  Saundra, Chow, Penne, and I run to the kitchen to see if McCall is there, but he is not in the lunchroom. We also look the kitchen but he is not in the kitchen either.

“Let’s check the lockers rooms and the family’s room too.” say Chow.

Penne, Saundra, Chow, and I all run to our sleeping room, when we get there I behold that McCall is not there either. Standing in our sleeping room thinking of where McCall is. I sense that he has gone to his cabin to change his clothes to get some rest. I behold the look in Penne’s eyes as he realizes coming up with a rejoinder to where McCall is. “McCall is not going to be in any of the rooms seeing as he is in his own room.”

“Wait here Penne and I are going to check the bathrooms.” say Chow.

“Didn’t you heard that McCall is in his own room?”

“You can be wrong.” rejoinder Chow as he looks down at the floor then gape at Penne with another saddening gape. “Okay I will go with you to check the men’s room.”


“You better get going he can currently be rushing out of the boy’s bathroom.” say Saundra.

Chow and Penne run out of our sleeping room down to the male’s locker room they look encircle every corner, in every toilet and shower stalls, but he still is not nowhere to be found. As they walk back to the sleeping room standing in between me and Saundra. “We can’t find him he left us.” say Chow.

“I sense where McCall is.” “Where is he?” ask Saundra.

“He is in his cabin, probably taking a nap.”

“Oh you should have told us this ahead of leaving the room.” rejoinder Penne with a cross heated look on his face.

“I just thought of that McCall is in his cabin a minute ago.”

“Let’s go to McCall to see if he is fine.’ say Penne.

“That is not a strong idea I sense that he is taking a nap and does not want to be disturbare.”

“He told us to never go up to his bedroom unless he tells us to come up to his bedroom.” say Chow.

“McCall never wants us to go up to his tiny room unannounced.” say Saundra

“We’re not going to throw into disorder while McCall sleeps; I want to peek inside of his window to see if you are right Carlos.” rejoinder Penne as he run out of our sleeping room. He run back to the loading docks up the long twisted steps of staircases to the McCall’s cabin. “Don’t go up there! You are going to get yourself in trouble.” yell Chow.

“Come on, we are going to McCall’s cabin.” Chow, Saundra, and I run out our sleeping room back through the warehouse, into the loading docks, up the long twisted metal steps of staircases, across a metal fence rafter balcony bridge to McCall’s cabin. When we reach McCall’s cabin I behold a medium to small window further to the right of the door. The cabin is a dark wet hazel wood cabin small but comfortable. The door has a long thin silver door handle. Penne stand a foot away from the door. He knocks on the door three times in a row, before realizing that he is not in his cabin. We stand next to Penne in front of the door waiting for him to rejoinder the door.

“Let’s open up the door and see if he is sleeping inside.” say Penne.

“No, let us not do wake up McCall that is disrespectful to break his only rule.” rejoinder Chow.

“I’ll agree with Chow we’ll be in big trouble if we do something stupid like that.” say Saundra.

“Okay, okay. You all are right!” Penne with a frown.

“But where is McCall?”

“I figure that McCall is most likely out scavenging around the town for supplies and food.” rejoinder Penne.

“A-duh, I dis-remember that he usually goes out every other week to search for comestibles.” say Chow.

“I did forget about something he does often.” say Penne.

“You always fail to think of things that you should have thought of in the first place.” rejoinder Saundra.

“Okay, but what are we going to do now?”

“Let’s played hide and seek in the warehouse, I always wanted to play that game in here.” rejoinder Chow. Everyone stand for a moment quietly doing nothing in a silence.

“I spot that you don’t want to play hide and seek, I will go to the bedroom to take a nap.” Rejoinder Chow as he run all the way back to our sleeping room with an upset heated but saddening frown on his face.

“Carlos do you want to come with me to the top of the covering to wait for McCall return?” ask Saundra.

“Yes, I think I will walk with you to the black rectangle rooftop.”

Chow run off to go to the lunchroom to play with his bag of Lego mini building blocks that McCall gave to him for his late birthday gift. Saundra and I walk back onto the black rectangle rooftop to look out for McCall when he comes back. As we walk toward the one of the ledges of black rectangle rooftop we stop for a minute standing a half a space next to each other. Saundra and I look at each other then look up at the blacken sky. Saundra and I look straight in front of us at the blacken sky with only a half a moon that is barely shining. We continue to walk toward the ledge of the black rectangle rooftop to sit down on the interior of the ledge. “How did McCall find you?”

“I could remember like it was yesterday, it was the 4th of February 1990, I was walking home from school with my friends, Noel, Jovian, and Laura. I saw that Noel was bitten by a small rabid rabbit that, she found during recess. Right after she got bitten she got ill with cramps in her stomach, and a little throwing up of her lunch. She went to the nurse’s Bonnet office to take some medicine. After school, we were walking on the sidewalk miles away from school, Noel was mute meanwhile Laura, Jovian, and I were talking laughing. Without warning, she jumped on top Jovian and bit him right on the side of his head. I irksome to tug her off of him, still she had a tight grip. A few moments later, she strafes the rest of my friends biting their brains, and flesh. I watched in fear not moving for even a second. I rushed home, I rushed to the front gate of my house. I eyed back to notice that Jovian sitting back up staring at me. Laura and Noel were standing up ready to bite on my flesh rushing straight for me. I opened the front gate and rushed upstairs to the front door. I banged on the door. Mom, Dad hurry up opens the door they coming to get Me.” rejoinder Saundra as she started to cry.

“What happened next?”

“My Dad Delmer finally opened up the door, meanwhile my crazed friends were eying at me and Delmer through the gate.  As he slammed the door and I asked him, “Please don’t open this door again?” My Dad responded with. “Why, you don’t want your friends to get you while you are playing your game of tag outside?” My answered was. “No, I wasn’t playing a game with my friends; I was rushing cuz they all were irksome to bite me.” Delmer didn’t believe at first still he responded with. “Now that is a funny joke” as was laughing at the fact that he thought I was playing a joke on him.

“The crew of crazed friends busted down the front door, jumped on my Dad so quickly that they were biting him in seconds. I rushed all the way to my mom’s Shamata room screaming cuz I knew she was taking a nap. I yelled. “Wake up now I need you to open up your door right now! There are crazed people in the house!”

“Did she open up the door in time?”

“Yes, she did. I was only a few inches away when I jumped through the door right onto my mom’s bed. She slammed the door, and locked the door. Mom asked me. “What is going on here, how did they get into the house?” I answered with. “All I know is there are hungry crazed people that were tailing me home and irksome to bite me. They got into the house when Dad fail to think of to bolt the door after he let me in the house.” Then she asked. “Is Dad okay?” I answered. “No, he was strafe by all of them. He couldn’t rumpus back. I irksome to help him, still he was already dead.”

“Why not tell Shamata that your old friends scratched-chomped Delmer?” She gaped down off at the ledge with tears flowing out her eyes. As I wait trying to think of what Saundra’s mama Shamata’s and pater Delmer’s bedroom may look like. I think that their bedroom was a large room with a king size bed. The bed was probably covered with light tan and hazel covers, a small writer’s table with different sizes drawers. A tree stumped night stand on Shamata’s side of the bed and a normal sized window near Delmer side of the bed. A closet, a thirty-four-inch television set on top of an old red TV stand. When I come back to what happened for her to be in the safe warehouse with McCall. She is set to rejoinder my question. “I didn’t tell my mom that they were my friends in advance of their strafed on Delmer cuz I didn’t want her to blame me for my dad’s death as they were my friends in the first place.”

“Shamata would not blame you for your pater’s passing. It is his fault that he did not trust you enough to trust what you were telling him were the truth.”

“Thank you Carlos.”

“Were you all safe in her sleeping room?”

“We were uninjured in the bedroom. I lodged on the bed sitting in the middle of the bed. My mom walked away from listening through the door and sat on the bed to hold each other. Hours had passed by, we grew hungry, and cold as the heat wasn’t twirled on. She told me. “Baby, I’m going to go out there to turned on the heat, and get some food.” I responded with.  “I’m coming with you cuz you can’t do both at once.”  She said to me. “I know I can’t despite that you are too short to reach any of the cabinets to get some food, and you can’t reach the knob to turn on the heat. I’m going to be real fast and quiet too.’ I said to her. “Please just be careful.” Shamata unlocked and opened the door.

 “She rushed as fast as she could to the kitchen to grab some food out of the cabinets. When she rushed back to the bedroom I had opened the door just enough for my mom to hand me the food. I grabbed all the food, placed the food on the writer’s table. I rushed to the door to keep it cracked.  My mom rushed into the living room twirled on the heat. She twirled on the heat still she got sneak strafed by two of the crazed people. My mom irksome to fight them off still she was outnumbered.  All I could hear was her screaming. My mom said. “Baby I love you always, and you know that I always love you.” I didn’t say anything back to her I was too afraid.  Then a long quiet was in the air; I slammed the door and lock it again. I rushed to the far corner of the bedroom to wait for her to come back to the bedroom. I thought Shamata was going to come back to the door of the bedroom irksome to break the door down to bite me still she didn’t return.”

“Why would you wait for Shamata if you are heard?”

“I waited for my mom cuz I believed that she was alive stowed away somewhere in the house.”  interrupt Saundra while she continues to cry heavily

“I’m sorry.” I put my hand on top of her hand.

“A few hours later, I saw a white man passed my mom’s bedroom window it was McCall. At first he couldn’t see me sitting in the room, still he came back to looked closer inside of the window. I quickly got up, walked over to the window for him to see me. Without warning, the crazed people started to break down the door, I opened up the window climbed out of it, and McCall helped me out the window to the ground. I nudged the window down meanwhile the crazed people broke through the bedroom’s door. We both dropped to the ground to crawl away from my house. McCall retrieved me that day. I’m grateful for him to be there that day.”

“I am sorry about you losing your parents.” I give her a big hug.  She hugs me back for a few seconds while I feel that Saundra and I are hugging for more than minutes. I sense as time will pass us by that Saundra wants to tell me more about her. Also, I think that she wants to tell me more about McCall but she fears that she cannot tell me more. Saundra and I stop hugging to continue to look out for McCall.  “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“No, I’m the only child.” Saundra gapes in my eyes with merriment but a saddening smile. I sense that she wanted to have a younger brother or sorer. I gape back into her eyes to try get her to see that it is not all well to have a sibling or siblings. “Great at least you do not have to share your things and food with a sibling.”

“Yeah, I know. Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“I have no brothers, but I did have an eldered sister named Mya.”  I am still feeling homesick trying to not remember soror running after the car as a zombie or beholding mama being shot. Saundra stand up looking behind a thick blockade of cars and trucks. “McCall is back!”

“Let us go back down to see what he has found.” I say as we get up off the ledge to run down the long, twisted metal steps of staircases. Once Saundra and I reach the bottom of the last long twisted metal steps of staircases I can hear a door being slam loudly. We run through the warehouse to see McCall sitting on the floor near the door. Saundra and I rums over to him. McCall has five mediums blue laundry bags full of food and reservoir for us. He gets off the floor without a word, but he gives us a big smile especially to Saundra. McCall, Saundra, and I go to the kitchen to help him put the food away then we cook dinner together. Once dinner is ready I run to get Penne out of the sleeping room since Chow is in the lunchroom still playing with his Lego building blocks. Once I get Penne out of the room. We run back to the lunchroom to chomp on dinner. Once we finish, Penne and Saundra help clean up the kitchen while Chow and I go to the sleeping room to sleep. Saundra, Chow, Penne, and I do the same regimen of sleeping, chomping, and training day and day. The same regimen has borne me since there is nothing else to do but we are all getting closer as a family.

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Written by KR Bernard