September 17, 1992, Part One

I wake up in a quickie to see mama standing in front of a small crowd of soldiers wearing dark blue swat team uniforms and blue glass shielded helmets shooting at mama with their double clips handles rapid-fire bursts guns. “No!” As I behold my mama hitting the floor, I run to hold her in my arms. I behold her foam supply mouth, her white only color eyes and her sickly green-light hazel-pale skin color while I see that the scratch on her arm grew larger and longer. “Please do not die. Please do not be dead I need you. You are all I have.” I rejoinder as I sob holding back the drops from my watery eyes while I close her eyes with my two right fingers laying her back on the floor. Finding intolerable hate for those soldiers while thinking that the family I do sense of may not be alive to go live with to grow. I also sense of what the swat soldier told me about she had turned but why did not attack me? I try to run off out the room but the swat soldiers have the doorway block. One of the soldiers pick me up to carry me out the classroom.  As he carries me down the long steps of staircases to down to the breaking side walk into the crowded street supply with five red and white ambulance trucks, a squadron team of swat soldiers, and dark blue swat trucks. The shave dark skin color, hazel eyes, taller, tone, hazel-black hair swat soldier sits me down in the back of an ambulance truck, to check if I am okay. After the quickie checkup, he walks over to his friend. A white elderly doctor with white peppery color hair, green eyes, pale skin as if he is sick, and dry chafe lips. He wears blue pants, a white shirt and dirty white over coat walking over from another squadron of swat soldiers but they are wearing all black military uniforms. He preps me to give me an injection of antibiotics since I had not had any water in my system for the last twenty-four hours. As the same soldier who carry me out of the school walks encircle the ambulance truck then walks back over to me, the doctor gives me another shot taking a sample of my blood. “I apologize for shooting your mother down.”  I do not want to say anything to him but he continues to talk to me.

“We have to defend ourselves, she became one of them things.” I behold at him with an unfair gape.

“I understand what you are going through I lost my mother too.  My name is Steven.”

“You did?”

“Yes, I did and missing her more than ever.”

“I do too.” “What was your mother’s name?”

“My mama’s name is Maria.” I rejoinder as the doctor walk away from the ambulance truck. As I get down from the back of the ambulance truck I stand near the back of the ambulance truck thinking of what I should do next. The doctor walks back over to me while a holding another long needle. I run from the quarantine area, running in-between swat trucks down along metal fence borderline of the freeway. I can hear him from a distance giving orders to the swat soldiers. “Get that boy now!  I need to do some more tests on the boy.” I run as fast as I can without looking back. I continue to run until I end up in the back of the town’s carnival where a giant black and red event tent is. I stop running since I am a little curious. I walk encircle from the back of the tent I behold a white circular roller coaster ride that spins the riders’ forwards and backwards. I also see classic rides like a small Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and the swings. There is also a huge rainbow colors painted fun house attraction and a lot foods vendors.  From the far side of the carnival, I see a giant horde of zombies running toward me. I quickly run inside the fun house attraction. When I get inside, I see lengthy heighten bolted tracks, a medium long double green doors, and even more zombies chomping on piles of humans. I see another green door that is a little longer than the first door I saw. I think that the door may lead me out of the fun house attraction. I climb on top of the tracks, running towards the first door, avoiding every zombie attempts to grab me. With heavy breathing I finally get to the door, open it. I run inside close it locking the pad lock behind me. I sit against the back of the wall from a distance to the door. Sitting there in the dark on a metal fence floor, I realize that the door is a dead end, regretting running away from Steven who was only trying to help me. Now I am on my own for the rest of my life. I think as I am going into a very deep sleep.  I awake in my old king size single bed but with no springs on the bottom of the bed laying out in a brown carpet empty living room. I get up from the bed to look around the house, to see if I sense where I am. I walk encircle the house. There is an all-white kitchen with four cabinets hanging against the walls, a large compact refrigerator freezer a tiny dining room with a glass table. A tools supply grey paved garage, and a grey-white-pale side door that makes up the house. I walk out of the kitchen, the dining room, back through the living room and down a short hallway. In the hallway, I see three different black painted doors. I walk to each door turning their gold knobs to open them. One door is sealed close, so whatever is inside cannot come out. The second door is to a beautiful dark pink tiled bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. The last door I open is to a queen sized bedroom with a person lying on the same sized bed under a green wool blanket. I sneak into the room closing the door quietly behind me.

 I see dark wood carved brown mini-closet with four pull out drawers on the bottom of the closet, a rolling office chair, a shiny wood floor, an old white rocking chair, and a white rectangular basket supply with clean women’s clothes. Slowly sneaking closer over to the person in the bed, I can see that an older woman with a pale face and red hair. Who look exactly like mama when she when she slept. My heart stops with joy and fear. But when I realize that I beheld her die.  She wakes up in horrid pain.

“What are you doing here?” I ask. “I was waiting here for you.” rejoinder her in a low sore voice.

“How is that possible I beheld you end your life by those swat soldiers?”

“I was waiting here in bed since I didn’t have a chance to tell you what I needed to say to you ahead of my passing on.”

As mama start coughing rapidly trying to speak, I duck down on the floor close to the edge of the bed.  “I am regretful that I was too late to save you back in your room. We have no family left what should I do?”

“It is okay Carlos, you did the best you could, and I’m pride of you.”

“Thank you but what did you want to tell me.” I rejoinder as I get up off the floor leaning over to give my mama a hug. Mama and I holding in close. “I’m sorry that I lied to you about your pater. I also sorry for leaving you alone in this new dark world.” Mama say as she starts crying in pain. Maria quickly sits up, hugging me tighter to her, not letting me go as she attempt to chomp me on the left side of my face. I slip through her cling, running out of the room, back into the living room, where I see a cluster of zombies waiting on a grey brick concrete front porch through three large windows. The zombies quickly break through the windows ready to scratch-chomp on me. I run back into Maria’s room closing the door as I lay my back fully against the door to keep the door close since the door does not have a lock. As I hear a loud screech. “I need to eat, I’m so hungry! I’m going to eat you now!” say Maria as she gets out of the bed walking quickly to me.

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Written by KR Bernard