September 16 1992: Come downstairs

By KR. Bernard: September 16 1992: Come downstairs. I am supposed to be in merriment, trying to celebrate my seventh birthday, but it is raining hard all day.  I am gaping out the window on the dark black leather couch in the living room wearing my navy blue cotton hooded jacket with a white long sleeve shirt, normal looking blue jeans, and black sneakers. As I am waiting for the rain to stop, I gape to across the street, two cars have crash into each other almost falling off the couch as the loud smash makes my heart jump. I catch my balance to continue to look out the window. I also gape that some people are pulling other people out of the two cars, pulling them to the ground, scratching-chomping them like they are human snack packs. I yell to mama.

“Come downstairs now! I need to show you something!”

Maria run down the medium long but straight staircase wearing beige wool slippers, a beige bathrobe, and her favorite grey sweat suit. When she gets into the living room seeing me still gaping out the window with cars while are crashing into each other and people being scratch-chomp on. I have my head my eyes duck half way down behind the back of the couch.

“What’s wrong?”

“Gape over there at the cars crash. Behold what those people do.” I rejoinder as I point my finger at the crash cars.

“It’s happening again!”

Mya run from the kitchen into the living room with her hair in black and blonde twists, skinny but, still tall wearing our all light blue school’s uniform. She is also wearing white small headphones. I guess she is doing her homework. She gapes out the window seeing a large hefty tan skin color dark blonde hair sickly yellow eyes man scratching-chomping the skin off a tan skin face of a young pretty black hair woman. Soror close her eyes as she sits down next to me.

“What is happening again?”

“Sit down away from the window.” “Why?” I ask

 “I need to tell you something about your Pater and why we had to leave our quiet place in Puerto Rico.”

 Mya and I ask together. “Wasn’t he supposed to stay back to make sure you didn’t forget to take any documents?”

“What I have to tell you will scare and hurt you nonetheless mama was only doing the right thing.”

“What did you do to Pater?” Mya ask with a confuse look in her eyes.

As tears start to fall from my mama’s eyes she gapes at us with terrible distress.

 “I had to stop your Pater seeing that he was turning into a zombie.”

“What is a zombie?” I ask. “Zombies are the undead living somehow.” rejoinder Mya.

“What is the living undead?” I ask.

“Let mama speak about the rest of what she did.” rejoinder Mya.

“There were zombies on the isle of Puerto Rico that’s why our Mayor was riding everywhere advisory the people to get to their security protected homes.”

“The undead living was in our homeland because I did not see any when we were on the road?” I ask with disbelief.

“How could you kill Pater?’ rejoinder Mya as she gets up off the couch ready to storm out the living room until Maria grab her arm signaling her to sit back down.

“There were zombies in Puerto Rico we had to leave in time ahead of the whole island being overrun by them.”

“What about Pater?’ Mya and I ask together.

“I had to do what I did seeing that I didn’t want any of you or myself to get bitten by a zombie, or turn into one.  We would have more problems if we stay on our isle of Puerto Rico.” rejoinder Mama as she sits in between us on the couch to cry together.  Suddenly, my mama, soror, and I hear loud banging on the back door. We all run upstairs to our rooms to pack a couple of our bags. Maria takes off her robe sits on the bed to put on her black low top rain boots. We run out the front door to the car while it was still raining hard outside.  The hordes of zombies break through the kitchen windows, the basement door, and the back door of the house.  Mama get her dark brown beige four aged tires car door open unlocking all the other doors from pressing black dipper-switch. My soror and I are putting our bags in the backseat of the car, mama is in the driver’s seat waiting for us to get into the car. I climb into the car, close the door strapping myself in my car seat while she locks the doors. Mya is in a frozen stance hearing the horror of the carnage. Maria roll down her window screaming out the window. “Come on Mya we need to leave here now!” Mya awaken from her horror of the carnage state, runs to the front passenger’s door trying to open it. Somehow, the door would not open but she did not give up. I yell.  “Hurry, the zombies are coming out of the house!”

Just as my soror gets the door open about to hop in the car; two zombies who break out through tools supply white garage door and run up behind my soror. They pull her away from the car door to start scratch-chomp her from part to parts.  Horrors of the carnage state, Maria close the passenger’s side door and quickly back out of the black gravel driveway. Maria drives off down the street; I gape out the back window to see my soror getting up off from the driveway as if nothing happens. Mya chase after the car. I want to tell mama to stop the car to let my soror in but I know it is too late to get her back. I duck in the backseat with my hands covering my eyes as I sob wishing I never behold the gruesome horrific scenes of my zombie soror. My mama cries all the way to the large New Tech High school where my mama works at. Maria pull into the small square side parking lot. She parks the car in the closest space to the green blue side door as possible so we did not have to run as far as the blue front doors of the school with two sets of tan steps staircases.  We get out of the car I stand in front of my door, as Maria run over to me.

“Wait here, I have to check if the side door is open, and if the door is open. I want you to run in front of me. I will be right behind you.”

“Okay Mama.” I rejoinder as I get into the state of overthinking if I be fast enough to run in front of mama.

Maria run over to the side door; she grabs pulling the single brass horizontal handle on the door. Mama open the door, but she run inside the school. Waiting for mama, I stand near the car until a sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie wearing a white buttons dress shirt and dark black pants running toward me.  I run encircle the car trying to tire out the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie. Maria comes back out holding the door open, she yells.  “Hurry up run inside Carlos!” I run inside the school to run half-way up a long dark green painted steps of staircases. Mama is pulling the door close while the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie have his arm in-between the door trying to reach out to her. I behold Maria struggling to push the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie out to be able to close the door. I run back down the stairs to help her by pushing the door on the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie. As Maria and I are still trying to keep the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie out of the school, the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie get a hold of Mama’s arm. Luckily, I see a tan broken sharp broomstick handle lying against the wall near a black plastic garbage bag. I reach out to pick up the handle. I start to hit the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie on its arm. I turn the broomstick handle on the sharp cutter end to slice the hand of the sickly green-pale-black skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie right off. The sickly green-pale-black skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie screech as the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie continue to get itself inside of the school. Mama and I push the door close. Maria pull off the sickly green-black-pale skin color, black nappy natural hair, slender, foaming at his mouth zombie’s hand locking the door with a metal half turn twisting lock from the inside. We run up the steps staircases together to the third floor. Mama open the light pink pushing door hallway to see if any zombies are on the floor. Maria and I sneaks out from behind the door waiting encircle the corner. I see that the walls are light pink tiled, the ceilings are also tiled light pink. With the boy’s and girl’s bathrooms down the hall facing across from each other, the classrooms have large heavy wooden painted doors with brass handles. Mama goes into her grey pocketbook grab her classroom’s set of brass keys out of her pocketbook.  Maria and I run to her classroom’s door, unlock the door pulling the door almost completely open. We run inside, she quickly closes the door to lock it. I behold mama’s classroom for the first time. She has light beige large rectangle cabinets, a row of pitch black multiple doors closets with a push of one the doors that all the doors slide open and close together near the classroom’s blue door.

Four rows of large white plastic folding tables set in a half square on the other side of the room near the attach to the wall metal heating vents. The tables have old looking large computers on the tables as there are at least three computers sitting on each table. Towering, long, length glass windows with the entire fireball color window shades pull all the way down I also behold two large red round tables near the far end of the room. A much larger blue metal cabinet place in the right corner of the far end of the room. Mama’s light no color metal desk is messy supply with papers documents, books, a white coffee mug, pencils, pens, a stapler, and folders.  The desk has four pull out drawers supply with all types of important things. I can behold out the classroom’s door mini window a massive group of zombies running toward the door. Mama and I goes to seat down at a corner of the room on the shiny light sandy brown hard wood floor far away from the door, waiting if someone will come to save us. We are horrificare in each other’s arms, because we keep hearing screams, screeches, and shouts of fear.  “God, make the screaming stop please!” shouts Mama as we wait for the loud horrificare noises to stop but they never do.  Maria get up off from the floor walking to her closet to slide the closet’s door open. She pulls a fantasy rainbow multiple colors board game box out of the closet. Maria push the closet’s door close to walk back over to me. She sits back down on the floor next to me. My eyes gape at the box then I gape back up to her with a saddened grin. “This might help us pass the time to get our minds off of the nausea.” I lean over to open the box, I see blue, green, purple, and yellow plastic figures on top of a fold in half medium navy blue flat rectangle card board. I also see a deck of small white rectangle shape card painted with different colors. I unfold the board to see drawn candied fantasy characters, landscapes, drawn and painted on the board. There is also a colorful twisted path leading to the last landscape and character of the game. I place the board flat on the floor picking up the purple and yellow figures. “Which color figure do you want to play as?”

“I choose the purple statue” I hand Mama the purple figure, she places the figure on the board at the beginning of the path.  I place my figure in back of her; I grab half of the cards putting them on the edge of the board.  Mama and I start playing the game, with good manners I let her go first. She picks a card moves her figure to the color that is on the card then it was my turn. At the middle of the game, I behold that my mama has a scratch on her left arm. I cannot help but to overthink that the scratch on her arm is from closing the door while I struck the zombie with the broken broomstick handle. Being hopeful that the scratch does not take effects to turn her into a zombie. When it is my turn to pick a card I move seven spaces on the board again, I accidently knocking down my mama’s figure. I put my figure down on a red marker on the path, I reach over to pick up her figure when she is going to pick up her figure. Mama’s hand reach above over mines, while I quickly move my hand away from above her figure. I feel her medium long fingernail touch the top of my hand as she accidently scratches me. “Ouch, you scratch me!”

 “I’m sorry. Let me kiss where I scratched you.”  Mama grab my hand, lean over giving my hand a tiny kiss.

I move my hand back to my short chunky weight class chest for us to finish playing the game. The sun is going down night is here. My mama and I are starving; I put the game away back into the box while mama search in her desk for some food. In her desk, she finds a box of salted crackers and some individually wrapped hard chocolate candies in a white plastic bag.  She grabs the snacks, sits back down on the floor. We eat then fall right to sleep. During the night, we hear all kinds of loud sirens, and guns firing in the distance. At one point, the sirens and guns firing got so close; I deem that the noises are in the room.

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Written by KR Bernard