Season 10 Episode Four: Silence The Whisperers

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Season 10 Episode Four
Cassady McClincy as Lydia - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

Spoiler Alert: Season 10 Episode Four: Silence The Whisperers

This week’s episode starts with a BANG as a tree falls on part of the fence at hilltop trapping multiple people underneath its wreckage. As if things can’t get worse for poor Hilltop a heard of Walkers hear all this commotion and begin to swarm the wreckage of the wall. This sudden tree falling sparks interested in the townspeople as they see it as an act of war against them from Alpha. The new leader King Ezekiel is more interested in saving those trapped then why the tree has suddenly fallen and begins organizing rescue efforts with Jerry.

Meanwhile in Alexandria Aaron is training the townspeople for combat just in case Alpha decides to seek revenge on them for trying to kill her in last week’s episode. Here we meet three kids who are relentlessly bullying poor Lydia causing her to flee. She hides among the drying laundry when Negan confronts about running away from her problems. As soon as Negan starts getting through to Lydia Daryl intervenes and orders him to stay away from her. Daryl makes Lydia return home. They begin having a heated discussion over whether or not Negan is a good guy. When they arrive home they see it has been vandalized with ‘Silence the Whisperers’ painted on the door in a bright yellow color.

On a side note, Michonne and a couple of Alexandrians decide to go check on Hilltop. On the way, Michonne and Judith start talking about the Whisperers, or skins. Judith gives her insights on the situation when Michonne sees King Ezekiel riding alone. She sends the others ahead and decides to investigate why he is out on his own. She finds him standing on the edge of a platform overlooking a deep canyon. King Ezekiel tells her he feels like a failure and everything he loves dies. Michonne says he knows how he feels because she was in a dark place too after Rick’s death. The two share a hug and King Ezekiel kisses her. Despite him saying it meant nothing could this possibly be the beginning of a new relationship?

We then cut back to the fence disaster where Alden notices the fence is getting weaker and the horde is growing stronger. This is where the newcomers Magna, Yumiko, Luke, Connie, and Kelly rush to the rescue by heading out to fight the horde back long enough so that the others can attempt to reinforce the weaker parts of the wall.

Unfortunately, back in Alexandria, things aren’t looking too good for Lydia as she attempts to scare off her bullies by gutting a squirrel in front of them. Daryl tells Lydia that that was a stupid move and isn’t the right way to handle things. After a heated argument about it, Lydia storms off in a huff. While cooling off the bullies attack Lydia. One of the bullies named Margo attempts to kill her but is stopped by Negan. This doesn’t end well well because Negan kills her by accident. The townspeople are out for blood as they want Negan killed for his actions. During the chaos, Siddiq has another PTSD meltdown leaving Dante in charge to patch up Lydia. After hearing her side Daryl confronts Negan for his version of the events. Negan swears the whole thing was an accident. He says despite this it doesn’t matter because the people want him dead anyway. After getting his version Daryl goes for a walk to clear his head. During his walk, he sees Carol outside. Carol says the walls of Hilltop give the people false hope and they should rely too much on them since it’s a matter of time before this place falls like the others. She says they need to take out the Whisperers before it’s too late. Daryl, on the other hand, says there are too many internal problems going on at Alexandria that Alpha can wait.

At Hilltop the walker horde continues to grow. Yumiko declares there are too many of them and to start falling back. Magna refuses to leave because she feels they can handle it but is forced to fall back because the others begin to retreat. As soon as they pull back the walls begin to crumble and walkers flood Hilltop. Just when King Ezekiel begins to feel like he lost another thing Michonne pulls up with the others ready for battle. Once the rescue mission is over Michonne tells Daryl what happen at Hilltop. Daryl then informs her over what is happening in Alexandria. Michonne pleads to Daryl to keep Lydia safe at all cause because she feels that is the only reason Alpha is letting them live. The Council of Alexandria waste no time in getting to the bottom of Margo’s death. Father Gabriel begins by getting the bullies’ side of the story. They are claiming Lydia set them up to be killed by her and Negan. A story Father Gabriel quickly debunks through intensive questioning. Daryl sides with Lydia saying she has no reason to lie. The board is tied on what to do about Negan killing Margo. The decision now rests on Father Gabriel as he feels it is not their place to decide his fate. After Daryl tells him he doesn’t have a choice he decides to give his vote in the morning. The next day Father Gabriel discovers Negan is gone. After confronting Daryl about the escape he talks to Aaron about how he could have escaped. Lydia confesses to letting him out and locks herself in the cell. Daryl calls out her lie saying he was on watch last night. She says it doesn’t matter because she is already the most hated person in town. She says people need someone to hate because that’s how people are, and by her staying in jail is better for everyone.

Finally, we are at Hilltop as Michonne got a radio call from Rachel at Oceanside. She said she noticed some Whisperers was watching them from the spot where the mask washed up. Michonne decides to head over there to investigate with some supplies. Luke eagerly volunteers to help to confess he might have a small crush on an Ocaensider named Jules. Eugene then steps forward saying he is going to help Hilltop repair their busted walls. This is where the episode ends, so what do you think? Do you think the Whisperers caused the tree to fall on Hilltop? Are they watching Oceanside? Who let Negan out of his cell?

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