Sarah’s Patrol

Short flash fiction repost from Instagram

Sarah paused as she heard faint gnawing noises coming from her right. Staying completely still, ears wide open to what this sound could be. Her scouting mission was almost over, she was so close to her settlement, this was not the time to get sloppy. Inching forward she, her heart dropped to the floor when she saw them.

A horde of thousands milling about in the valley, slowly moving their way up towards where her settlement is. Carefully looking up, she saw what drew them in, a large cloud of black smoke waved over the walls. Even though it was on top of a hill, the undead would reach them eventually. Sarah knew she’d have to backtrack her steps slowly and move around the camp, this was going to be a long night.

After moving back far enough, she radioed the camp commander. Not long after, the smoke vanished and she made a run for the back exit. Exhausted from the uphill sprint, she joined her people on the walls, ready for the battle to soon follow.

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Written by Frank

Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a little hobby project. As you can see, it has grown a bit beyond that. I enjoy working out, gaming and hiking. Combining all those, I hope prepares me for the upcoming apocalypse.

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