Rob Sacchetto

He’s turned thousands of people into brain-eating zombies and you could be his next victim client. All he needs is a high-resolution photograph of your face which he will then re-make with paint and a pen. On his canvas, your eyes will sink into deep sockets, your lips will partially rot away, and untethered skin will slide off shiny, blood-red muscle.

Zombie Portrait artist Rob Sacchetto is a 25 year veteran freelance artist and he has been illustrating custom zombie portraits full-time since 2006. He was the first artist to offer a custom zombie portrait service and his commissions remain the most sought after. In fact, Sacchetto was commissioned to create a zombie portrait for Greg Nicotero; the co-executive producer, director and special effects make-up designer on AMC’s The Walking Dead. In addition, the staff of The Talking Dead also recently commissioned Rob to create a custom zombie portrait for show host Chris Hardwick.

Rob’s work as appeared in Stuff Magazine, Rue Morgue, Fangoria, Maxim, HorrorHound, National Geographic and more. His work has also been featured on G4 TV, Discovery Channel, Space, IFC, Starz, and Reviews on the Run and numerous other video media outlets. Rob himself has appeared in the zombie documentary ‘Zombiemania’ as a zombie authority, sharing time with George Romero, Tom Savini, Max Brooks and other zombie-culture notables and he has been interviewed for articles appearing in The Daily Mail, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, Wired, AOL News and Yahoo News.

Since starting Rob Sacchetto has created THOUSANDS of zombie portraits, but each an every one is horribly special.

Sacchetto’s empire of zombie art further expanded in 2009 to include daily zombie-themed illustrations. Rob posts these original zombie drawings to his “Zombie Daily” blog every day. Since starting the zombie art project Rob has created more than 1500 original zombie sketches. Sacchetto’s “Zombie Daily’ project also led to the publication of books by Ulysses Press, exclusive Books-A-Million products, puzzles, greeting cards as well numerous other zombie products.

Zombie Daily continues, and Rob even allows zombie fans to request customized zombie illustrations and, for a nominal fee, zombie fanatics can keep the original zombie artwork.

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