Preparing for the Undead Apocalypse

Over the decades, humanity has developed newer and better ways of staying safe during a dire situation. There are many different tips and tricks that we have shared with you as well on how to keep yourself alive during any sort of disaster situation, including the obviously inevitable zombie apocalypse that is coming soon.

Here is a list of some of the best survival tricks for when the SHTF. While they aren’t only relevant to the zombie infection that is coming up very soon, this is probably the one disaster we can all see around the corner. These guidelines will help you stay alive in the event that the undead come back to eat your brains as well. Buying gold for barter won’t help you half as much as these practical, hands-on hacks.

Knots Galore
If you know how to tie good, strong knots, you could save lives, including your own. You can use your expertise to tie supplies together and carry them, tie a self-loosing tourniquet around a bleeding victim, and even tie a walker to a tree before…doing whatever your lack of humanity calls for at the time. The recommended knot for you to learn is called the bowline. It is relatively easy while being super strong. It can also be loosened in a matter of seconds.

Don’t drown
Zombies may not be the best at the freestyle, but they are definitely not going to drown and die either. You, on the other hand, are going to have to learn how to swim right now. This way you can ensure that you don’t find yourself up a creek without a paddle and not know how to swim your way out of the situation. Train yourself to recognise when someone else is drowning too. You could save a lot of lives when you know the signs on your own.

Use a hybrid generator
Everyone and their grandmother owns a hybrid vehicle now. While they may be funny to look at but useless to you right now, they can save your life in a survival situation with zombies in it. All you need is an inverter, and you will have a generator that makes use of the car’s battery. Connect some wires to a chain link fence flat on the ground and you will even have an electric trap for any wayward walkers who shuffle your way.

Directional control
Your number one goal should be to get to the last city that humans still hold. There is always one of these lying around somewhere. Your sense of direction could easily be affected in this type of situation. One doesn’t always have a compass, and the GPS satellites are probably going to be down as well. Thankfully, you can use duct tape and a cork to find true north and get your bearings from there, or even use the sun to figure out east and west.

There are a few other tips to staying alive, including not making a huge fanfare every time you move. Follow the basics for survival and you will definitely be able to survive the zombie invasion….for a while at least.