Players Are Frustrated about Exfil Bug In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Long gone are the days of forced round-based survival. One of the best additions Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War brought to Zombies mode is the ability to exfil and end the match, but Season has introduced a bug that prevents players from escaping the map with their lives.

Instead of playing until you die, Black Ops Cold War gives Zombies players the option to exfil at certain times within their match. The ability to exfil first becomes available at round , and then every five rounds after that. You also get more rewards for successful exfils, which comes in the form of bonus XP and the Aetherium Crystals currency.

Exfiltration from the map is pretty straightforward. Players are tasked with reaching and securing a set extraction point. A countdown timer will activate, and players must reach the exfil site and clear out a set number of zombies before the helicopter can scoop them up. There are no do-overs here. Failing to clear the exfil zone in the allotted time will end the match. And now, bugged-out missions are preventing players from properly exfiltrating.

The exfil challenge becomes increasingly difficult as you reach higher rounds in Zombies. Therefore, a common tactic is for at least one player to have a chopper gunner killstreak equipped, which is great for mowing down the undead masses. Unfortunately, the current bug may be tied to the chopper gunner, as many players using it for exfil are finding that they re failing the mission and left to die. The bug shows two enemies remain, despite the fact that players have already killed the entire horde of zombies. The common factor seems to be a player using the chopper gunner in their escape, which is bugging out the megaton elite zombie.

The megaton is supposed to take damage until eventually splitting into two separate halves, and then the two zombie halves need to be killed. The chopper gunner is just destroying the megaton and not properly spawning the two separate halves. Thus, the two enemies are shown as needed to be eliminated, but the player is all out of zombies to kill.

It s probably wise to avoid the chopper gunner until this bug can get patched, or at the very least, try to kill any megatons before using the killstreak in your escape. No one wants to risk failing the mission over a glitched-out zombie.

Treyarch recently addressed some Zombies stability issues and a bugged out pack-a-punch weapon in the May patch notes, so hopefully this current bug will get squashed soon.

Call of Duty: Warzone also received major weapon tuning and changes to ground loot with the May update.

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Written by Nate Wallace

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