Planning the Perfect TWD Party

Planning the Perfect TWD Party

Planning a party is tough. Everyone is expected to leave happy and full. You have to keep a premiere party going before, during, and after the show. That’s a lot of time to fill. So where to beginning as you take on the task of assembling the perfect Walking Dead premiere party for your friends and family. Planning the Perfect TWD Party:

The Guest List

You should invite no more than six people to your party. By keeping things small you will lessen the distraction factor. Also, invite guests who are caught up on the show and know who the characters are. This prevents the guests from being pestered with annoying questions such as; who is that? Where is this character? Where are we? Remember we are all gathered to watch the episode, not play who knows The Walking Dead the most. Also, these kinds of questions can lead to unnecessary debates and fighting.

The Menu

There are all sorts of unique zombites on the web like brain cupcakes or a human buffet table, as seen here. You’ll also have to remember the foods that are near and dear to our undead hearts. So, make sure there’s plenty of spaghetti, chocolate pudding, and peanut butter energy bars to go around. To make the party pop make a batch of Carol’s special cookies from the recipe linked below. For drinks, guests over twenty-one consider purchasing a couple of bottles of The Walking Dead Wine or cases of The Walking Dead themed beer. For disposable cutlery and plates check out the zombie collection at

The Atmosphere

Set the proper mood for the event by decorating the viewing room in a post-apocalyptic theme. Another idea is to decorate the viewing room as your favorite location from the show. Again, remember to keep things settle and not overstimulating. For decorating ideas and tips check on Pinterest. They have a lot of wonderful projects for the indoors and outdoors of your home. Don’t forget to tie a green balloon to your doorknob or mailbox in memory of those we have lost over the years.


Another way to get the party jumping is by having the guests dress up as there favorite characters. Nothing makes a night more fun then cosplaying and embracing your inner Daryl, Rick, or Maggie. To make the guests put an effort in there costumes make it a contest and give a prize to the most realistic costume, scariest walker, and most creative crossover. The prize doesn’t have to be something super expensive, just a little something to reward your guests for there best efforts. Have a zombie impression contest and prove your better than any walker on the show. Give awards for best shuffle and best moan. You can purchase zombie-themed trophies at


It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some pre-show games for guests arriving early. Set up a zombie dartboard to practice headshots. Set up a corn hole style game with pink balloons filled with sand to resemble brains and toss them into the zombie’s mouth. Design bingo cards and mark off things you see characters saying or doing regularly on the show for a prize. If your party is made up of guests over twenty-one, then consider setting up a drinking game. Drinking game rules are available on various online sites.

Survival Trivia

Another great game idea will be survival trivia. Have your guest line up along the wall on one side of the room. Then ask them life or death questions like; How many drops of bleach does it take to purify water? You found red berries in the bush, can you eat it? If you get them correct you’ll take a step forward, if you get it wrong then take a step back. The game is over once half the guests make it to the other side. If you don’t feel like doing the interactive version then do the points version. Ask the questions and give ten points to whoever gets it right, and the first player to reach one hundred points you’ll win.

The After Party

This is just as important as the actual party. This gives your guests a chance to unwind and reflect on the events that unfolded in the episode you just watch. For some, it may be a time of grieving. So, make sure you have plenty of tissues on standby just in case. As the party begins to die down give each guest as they leave a treat bag filled with goodies from

Congratulations, you have survived another Walking Dead premiere! These party tips can apply to other zombie shows like Z Nation, Black Summer, Daybreak, and other programs. Throwing zombie parties is a great way to make new friends and discuss the sticky plot holes like should Carol have finished off Alpha? Will our heroes survive the horde? Where does Daryl get some many crossbow bolts? And, where is Heath?

Carol’s Cookies:

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