• Rob Sacchetto

    He’s turned thousands of people into brain-eating zombies and you could be his next victim client. All he needs is a high-resolution photograph of your face which he will then re-make with paint and a pen. On his canvas, your eyes will sink into deep sockets, your lips will partially rot away, and untethered skin […] More

  • Alexander Pain

    My name is Alexander Pain. I’m a historian of sorts. I chronicle the future yet to come. It’s a future filled with shuffling hordes of zombies. These fearsome–yet pitiful–creatures have but one mission: destroy and consume humanity. In their quest to destroy us and snuff out the spark that makes us special, the Zombies also […] More

  • A.M. Geever

    I enjoy stories of survival in extraordinary circumstances, and have wrestled with the question of what brings out the best and worst of human nature for as long as I can remember. Do people always break good or bad, or is it a bit of both? Since zombies can be anything—metaphors, monsters, even jokes—the possibilities […] More

  • An Interview with Daniel Greene

    Daniel Greene

    Daniel is an award-winning and bestselling multi-genre author. He made his debut in the post-apocalyptic genre and quickly became known as a must read with his hit The End Time Saga. His deep passion for history has inspired him to tackle the historical fiction genre with launch of the bestselling and award-winning Northern Wolf Series. […] More

  • Apricity Music

    Born in Scotland, Apricity immigrated to Canada as a child, but not before being bitten by the entertainment bug. In her formative years, the singer was a pageant show participant, auditioned for Britain’s icon tv show Top of the Pops, and also appeared on kids’ programs like Fun Factory before eventually comfortably settling into the world of musical theatre. […] More

  • Solomon Petchers

    Solomon has been an educator for the last 24 years at the elementary and middle school levels. Growing up in New York, Solomon was constantly surrounded by family and friends. It was then he developed an affinity with suspenseful and scary movies. When he first got his hands on Stephen King’s The Dark Half and […] More