Orsos Luxury Island, a zombie proof shelter

Orsos Luxury Island, a zombie proof shelter? Yes it can be!

Okay, let us first tell you what these Island are. Basically the’re floating, hyper-modern, house-boats. They have solar power panels, plants, bedrooms, extra rubber boats, a sun deck. So all the luxary a holiday home should have, but then to sustain life for a longer time out on the ocean. Well, not ocean, but close to shore or in a lake.

Before I start breaking this down for you, visit the website and have a look around. http://orsosisland.com/

Good, let’s break it down and do some apocalypse thinking!


They made the boats safe with alarms, rescue boats and anti fire gear. This is a good thing, because you would’nt want to have a faire destroying your home while you drift towards a zombie filled beach.


Okay here it’s about the boat/island needing to be towed to remote locations. This means it won’t do much good when you have to cross oceans to get to a better place. If you, for example, live in NY and put this holiday home in Hawai, the apocalypse breaks out and you can’t get to it you’re just screwed.. But when you have it just of shore close to home, it might do you good. Unless others know about it (and they will..) and start fighting over your mekka…

My Findings..

Well, when you look at the pictures and all, it seems like the perfect solution. But it’s not.. I think it’s the worst investment you could do for an apocalypse! Why? Nobody has this, but when you do, everybody knows you have it, and will be fighting for it when shit hits the fan! Another reason is mobility. This is meant as real estate and not a boat. When you park this baby you will be bait to looters, pirates and other hazards.

That being said, and I could rant on a while on this, my suggestion is a large sailing boat, with solar panels and an extra motor in case there’s no wind.

With a boat like that you could, after some training, sail the world! When you have to use the exterior motor, get solar power.. You can fish for most of the food you need, purify water by boiling it.. And so on, and on and on and… You get it 😉

Have a look at the pics below, in some locations this thing might work well. But in most it will just draw all the attention..

What do you think?

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