Nick Nicolaou Tells Us About MARY DOE!

My name is Nick Nicolaou and I am the writer/producer and eventual director of the feature film MARY DOE. Yea, I’m a comic book geek, love films, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre addict… grew up on a healthy diet of Hammer films and the explosion of special effects make-up horror films of the 80’s… it’s what drives me to do what I am doing today.

My company Make-up Effects Group, which I co-founded with Paul Katte, has been around for over 25 years and we’ve worked on hundreds of commercials and feature film projects. Some of our latest work can be seen in the upcoming films, The Wolverine and I,Frankenstein. We have also supervised the special make-up effects and animatronics on films such as Redd Inc (Inhuman Resources), Man-Thing and The Matrix Trilogy. Along side my company

Genre Pictures, which deals with all the feature film projects we have in development, we have set the solid foundations of developing and driving creative projects we have generated, like Mary Doe.

We have been independently developing the Mary Doe feature film over the last couple of years

imageand have put an enormous amount of work into the project. Starting with a very solid script, to the design and fabrication of special make-up effects, animatronic creatures, props and miniatures, vast portfolios of stunning production art and storyboards, we have brought the world of Mary Doe to life.



We have also released a free online “first person shoot ‘em up” computer game called THE

imageUNDEAD ZONE, utilizing the L4D2 Mod (up to 82K downloads and a 9.3 fan rating). We’ve also designed and created mechandising ideas like, zombie and character maquettes from the film and a “making-of” book documenting our journey so far.

Tackling the project the same way any major studio would, we have injected every detail into our vision, to make it the best it can be. I never felt Mary Doe would be made on a shoe-string budget but needed serious backers to help produce the project the way I envisioned. That is why we have done so much ground-work and brought together a package that is creative, exciting, commercial and has solid investment potential.

We have not skimped or lessened the Mary Doe vision at any level. We have invested ourselves into this project like you would not believe because we love doing it and want to make it an amazing project.

Mary Doe is a hard-hitting Horror/Thriller set against a Mutant/Zombie landscape. It’s part of my “Femme-Fatale” Trilogy and centers around our heroine Mary. It’s not your run of the mill gore fest but an intense plot-twisting Thriller. Hopefully fans will see my unique take on the genre, something I have worked really hard to develop. There’s still plenty of mutants, blood, creatures and eye-candy, with the film boasting a return to “in-camera” traditional “old-school” make-up and model-effects, something that we truly love and feel fans will love as well.

An amazing group of film industry professionals and creatives are backing the project because

imagethey believe in the story and the vision.

We have established solid avenues to bring funding together for Mary Doe and have spoken with major Hollywood Producers and Talent, and I feel we have been teetering on the brim of getting this project over the line.

We are really passionate and excited about the project and are putting everything behind it to make sure it has the best chance of succeeding.

As you have probably heard, the latest part to this drive to get Mary Doe made is to make a PROMO TRAILER for the project. This will be the icing on the cake and tie together a lot of the work we have created over the last few years. In the coming weeks we aim to launch our campaign on the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform, to help us along this journey and realize our dream.


Although we have been on this project for a while now, this is just the start of our journey as we move towards making the Promo Trailer and getting the project out to investors and producers. Next step is the leap to the big screen and making our mark on the international stage.









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