Never travel on foot during the apocalypse

There’s a good reason one of the first things people ever did, was find animals they could ride. Traveling on foot is very limiting and isn’t easy, especially if you plan on carrying lots of stuff. I mean most people these days already complain their body is killing them after an afternoon of shopping. Imagine strapping on some combat boots, put on a heavy backpack and now go walk 8 hours, every fucking day. You’ll break some bones in your feet due to excessive increase in physical stress, you’ll have blisters that pop open and get infected and the pain will slow you down until zombies can just walk up and eat you.

Another point of concern with walking, is your speed. You will have to kill every zombie you encounter, because at your current speed, they will slowly follow you wherever you go. They might be a little slower, but they’ll be walking right behind you. After walking away from a few zombies for 3 hours, they’re probably just 10 minutes behind you. Not much time to rest now is there? So even if you were enlisted in the Swiss military and do nothing but avoid wars and hike mountains, you’re still too slow to ever truly get away from zombies.

And yes sure you’re going to say: “I’m a really good walker, I can walk all day”. No you can’t, maybe for one day wearing comfy sneakers and no gear. But that’s not how you foot travel an apocalypse. Anything beats walking in this scenario. A moped, car, bike, motorcycle. Of course high off the ground, big wheels, lots of power cars or a tank would be best. Maybe not a tank, but something big that can run zombies over without breaking. If you can get your hands on one of those armored SWAT trucks, you’re fucking golden.

“But, but, but… We’ll run out of gas!!”. Yes maybe in a few years, but that’s way to far in the future. For the foreseeable future you’ll be able to get fuel everywhere. From abandoned cars, gas stations, tankers and other places. Don’t worry about what will happen in a few years, or heck even about next week, worry about right now. You don’t see any military going to war without vehicles, just on the premise that they’ll break one day? No they bring them because they give you a major advantage. They give you more range, speed, shelter, storage and a whole lot of other useful abilities. Heck, get your hands on that SWAT vehicle, make sure it has bullet proof tires and include a good tool box, oil and some spare parts and you’re set for at least the next half year.

Anyway, just my thoughts on not traveling on foot. Of course if you have no other option, or you need to go hunt, leave your vehicle somewhere. Maybe you need to walk somewhere first to get a vehicle in the first place? Tip for that btw. Go to those businessĀ parks where all the second hand car dealers and garages are. Those business parks usually have a car dealer to steal a proper ride from, a gas station, hardware stores and some DIY stores. They’re usually not too crowded either and most businesses have fences there, so zombies are limited in their freedom of movement. A few hours of driving around there will get you everything you need to fit your ride for the apocalypse.

Or of course you could walk around there, sprinting from zombies and figuring out that you can’t bring even 5% of everything you will need. Not to mention the extra energy you need for walking all the time.

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Written by Frank

Dutch guy living in Finland. Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a hobby project.. Which is still is to this day. Besides writing, my passions are fitness, the outdoors and good food.