Never travel alone

Never travel alone, now considering our audience is mostly made up of introvert book readers and movie watchers, this might be a bummer for you all. But after reading the list below, I’m sure you’ll all agree that traveling alone isn’t the best option for a zombie apocalypse.

  1. You’re vulnerable during rest
    When traveling the land during the apocalypse, you will need to rest and get sleep. When you’re in a group, several members of your party can rest while others stand guard for both zombies and other humans. Now you might argue that you could just hide somewhere you can’t be found. But that doesn’t work out that well most of the time. First of all, would you want to wake up in a hammock somewhere in a tree, to find yourself surrounded by a horde of undead you didn’t see coming? I think not… Another major issue is PTSD during the apocalypse. You’re likely to see lots of your friends, family and loved ones die. Not to mention the horror and dehumanizing things the end of the world will bring. This will most certainly lead to nightmares that leave you screaming in your sleep. Now if you have someone standing guard, they can wake you up to prevent you from alarming all Z’s in a 1000 yard perimeter. Another problem with resting alone is that you’re not awake when help might be on the way. You might just not see that rescue party because you’re asleep and didn’t notice those searchlights. Now there are more reasons you don’t want to rest alone, like being scared shitless and being alone in a world full of zombies! But these are most important.
  2. We’re group animals
    People are group animals, we always live and do things together, it’s how we evolved as far as we have now. From hunting in the stoneage to a family vacation, we’re never alone. So why the hell would you want to be alone during an apocalypse? Most of the people you know are dead, the world’s gone to shit… That’s not a time to be alone. No matter how shows like The Walking Dead romanticize the lone wolf scavenging the undead world. It would just suck a thousand times more to roam around on your own. You’ll go insane in no time. Death and decay everywhere, constant fear of being eaten alive, groups of people hunting others for god knows what…
  3. You’d have to do everything yourself
    It’s impossible to split tasks when you’re traveling alone. In the army a group would consist of someone in charge, someone with more powerful radio equipment, a medic, someone with a long range weapon, a support gunner and his helper and a few assault members who could jump in and take over tasks as well. This makes your group versatile and ready to take on much more challenges than you would be able to do alone. Now your group of survivors might not have all these roles and training, but you can at least split the load a little. The big guys could have a large jerrycan of water in his backpack, someone with first aid training can handle medical supplies, that Somalian refugee can stay light and scout ahead.. (that’s not racist, that’s using individual qualities based on commonly known performances) See you can’t do all that shit alone! You can’t carry all the water, food, supplies, a hand gun, sniper rifle, ammo, machine gun and all that. Some people might argue to get a truck. Well that’s great if you have one and keep gas in it all the time, but what if it breaks down and zombies are closing in? On your own you might be able to grab a few things and run, but most of your supplies would be lost. Or just simply taking a shit.. During exfiltration exercises the rest of the group would form a circle facing outward, while the guy taking a shit would dig a hole in the middle. Because you know, you’re pants are down, you don’t have your gun in hand and you’d really be caught with your pants down.

Now there are a lot more reasons to travel in groups and maybe I’ll get to them later. Or maybe you guys and girls have good reasons to travel in groups? If so, let us know and get a nice discussion going in the comments!

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