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We all know Daryl driving around on his bad ass bike right? And for good reason! Motorcycles make great methods of transportation during a zombie apocalypse. First of all lets look at the different bikes and if some types should be avoided all together. Motorcycles for transportation:

  1. Mopeds and scooters
    These are kind of pointless during a zombie apocalypse. Of course they’ll work but they’re not made for the speed, load and mileage normal motorcycles are. But of course if you really have to, they sure beat walking and still have a lot of the advantages normal motorcycles have.
  2. Dirt bikes
    These come with the handy features to reach spaces other motorcycles are gonna have trouble getting. But this comes with the down side of being able to carry less supplies, they’re not so fuel efficient and as you pack on pounds of gear it becomes harder to utilize the maneuverability of the bike. But these can be a great choice if your plan is to go into the wild and still have a fast escape vehicle.
  3. Race bikes
    If you have a lot of open road before you, this might be one hell of a fun thing to do. Keep in mind though that you can’t take a lot of stuff with you on these. It will throw you off balance and can be especially dangerous in wet conditions. The biggest advantage of these bikes is probably speed though. Not just to get away from zombies, but probably also other survivors who are after your stuff.
  4. Touring bikes
    King of the road! These bikes provide you with a comfortable ride and plenty of space to carry supplies, extra fuel, a tent and what have you not. But to be honest, you might as well get a car. At least those have a roof, doors and more space. Since these are so big, they kind of make it impossible to maneuver tight spaces. Which is exactly the reason you get a motorcycle… To zip through lines of cars that are stuck in traffic. Or those that will never move again and are filled with zombies.

In conclusion: Depending on where you live and want to go, bikes are a good option. They sure are easier to get on and drive away in an emergency, get through traffic and go faster than most cars. But if you want some extra safety, shelter from the elements or need to take more stuff with you, a truck would probably be a better choice.

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