Michele wants freedom

The shambling dead all around her, the city she once knew and grew up in was on fire around her. But Michelle knew her way out would be just around the corner. On the other side of the river, the military had cleared out the city center. All she had to do was get to the bridge and run across, just past this block.

The dead were slow, she was fast, they were dumb, she was smart. With grace she moved around them and shot the ones blocking her path. Around the corner, now in the distance she saw them, the army. Michelle ran for her life, on to the bridge, swerving around the infected until.. She stopped dead in her tracks, staring back at her from the other side of the bridge were uniforms, but not worn by soldiers.. They started shambling towards her, some still stuck in their vehicles doing nothing more than just stretching their arms. Michelle was trapped, on the bridge she thought would lead her to freedom…⠀

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Written by Frank

Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a little hobby project. As you can see, it has grown a bit beyond that. I enjoy working out, gaming and hiking. Combining all those, I hope prepares me for the upcoming apocalypse.

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