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January 26, 1994

The next day I wake up to see that the girl is not in her sleeping bag, I get up right away. I wear my black wool socks, navy blue pajama pants, and light grey sweatshirt to go find the girl. I run all the way to the lunchroom to see that she is sitting down at the table with her head down into her arms while I see McCall in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I walk to the table to sit down across from the girl. She lifts up her head out between her folded arms. “Hello, my name is Carlos I am the one who saved you back there in the Get Right Super store.”

“Oh, what’s up my name is Ashley, and Thanks for salvaging me from nothing.”

I rub my eye with the edge of my wrist; Ashley gapes at me with anguish. After a few minutes of silence, Penne, Chow, and Saundra run into the lunchroom to sit at the table with us. “Morning.” say they all together to me.

“This is Ashley.” “Hey Ashley” say they all together again. I stand up at the table pointing at each of my family as I introduce Ashley to them.

“This is Chow, Saundra, and Penne.” McCall walk into the lunchroom with a rolling cart full of breakfast foods. On the cart there are some golden brown round buttery waffles, scrambled eggs, big juicy turkey sausage links, sweet warm cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, and cups orange juice too. As McCall is making Ashley’s a plate of food. “How did you get struck in the store?”

“My familia my el padre, my two little fraters, and my two soror were heading out of town to go on vacation just the same as when we got to the airport, my el padre was attacked by a woman who was sitting right next to him while waiting for our flight. My papi Cornelius was hemorrhaging a lot from his neck, I called the hospital. They pelted to the airport, I marked my papi to be settle inside of the ambulance. The ambulance drove out of the airport. My familia and I got into the car. My oldest frater Miguel drove behind the ambulance to the nearby hospital. After driving about nine miles on the open road, the ambulance almost tilting over when the ambulance came to a screeching stopped. My papi jumped out of the ambulance with the two emergency medical technicians whom were lying dead inside of the ambulance. My soror, fraters, and I all got out of the car to see if my papi was okay. Cornelius was running straight at all of us. We ran back into the car and drove off while he was chasing the car. Until he got hit by an incoming car going in the opposite direction from us. We drove back into town my frater was driving slowly marking people being chased out of their cribs by corpses.”

“What made you decide to go hide in the store?” ask McCall. “Let’s her finish.” say Penne as he gapes at McCall.

“Miguel was clued in on what was going on he was clued in on that we couldn’t go back living our familia’s normal lives. My older fraters Jadyn, Coby, Heriberto, and my older soror, Karli, Gia, Briana, and Meghan elected to find a place to be left alone for the night since zombies were everywhere. We found the “Get Right” super store. At first we were going to leave, just the same as Karli and Miguel realized that the store was the perfect place to be left alone in. After a few weeks my Meghan was behaving oddly, ingesting a whole lot more meats than vegetables. A day after, the rest of my familia were also behaving oddly. I realized that they were snap at and scuffed by a zombie rat when they were taking siestas in the fitting rooms.”

“How did you get into the shaft?” ask McCall.

“Soon after I found out that they were snap at and scuffed I have found keys to open the back of the store.”

“What did you do next Ashley?” ask Saundra.

“I led all my familia to the back of the store where all the extra apparel was to lock them in the back of the store. I was left alone in that store for months. Even for years, taking care of my familia, going through the store’s employees stockpiles to finally try to attack that zombie rat. One day you came along when I was in the ventilation shaft about to attack the rat.”

“Why were you whining up there?” I ask. “I was mourning, since I got struck in the shaft while the zombie rat was about to snapped at me. I couldn’t defend myself just the same as thank you for knocking shaft down for me to escape with no snaps at nor scuffs marks from the rat. At least I can thank you for doing that much for me.”

“Oh I apologize that I through I was helping you get out of there, since you were all alone. But I sense you was low on food and reservoirs?”

“Literally, the Get Right store has a lot of employee’s stockpiles that wasn’t healthy just the same as that the stockpiles kept my familia full and warm.”

“What happen to your mother?” ask McCall.

“My mami Lizeth died, when I was four years old from breast cancer. I was supposed to take care of my fraters and soror regardless of how old I was. Always put familia first, that’s what my mami used to say to me.”

“I’m sorry about you losing your family members, we all had lost family members.” rejoinder McCall. He gapes into Ashley’s eyes the same way he gapes in Chow’s and Saundra’s eyes. “Yes, we all have.” Ashley say as she starts to put her head back down in-between her folded arms. I sense that she is saddening about the loss of all her family but heated agonize about taking her out of the super store. “Are you Puerto Rican?” ask Saundra.

“I am. Why you ask?”

“Oh no reason, I want to let you know that Carlos is mixed with Puerto Rican and Black.” rejoinder Saundra.

“Wow, I am happy for him.” rejoinder Ashley as she finishes chomping on her breakfast she put her head back down in-between her folded arms. While we behold Ashley in her saddening, we finish chomping breakfast, Penne and I clean off the table. Saundra takes Ashley to the female’s locker room to show her where her locker is. Chow is helping McCall with the dishes. After Penne and I cleaned the table of we stay sitting at the table. Once Chow is finish cleaning the dishes in the kitchen he walks to the table to sit with us. Saundra and Ashley comes back into the lunchroom to sit at the table. “You know you are going to have to instruct to learn parkour seeing as that’s what we all had to do?” ask Penne.

“I be clued in that McCall told me this morning while you all were taking siesta, just the same as I don’t have to be school in parkour since I am an athletic girl.”

“What do you mean by you are a sporty girl?” ask Penne.

“On the eve of all that happened, my papi was schooling me to go to the Olympics the gymnast competition. I was also schooled to be a ballet dancer.”

“That is really awesome that you were drilled to be in the Olympics.” say Saundra as I behold green in her eyes.

“I am glad that you don’t have to be instruct to learn parkour seeing as it isn’t easy to do.” say Penne.

“Okay just the same as I am clue in on that I by that time handled parkour I by that time handled most forms of gymnastics and ballet dancing.” “I know you probably would.”

After a twenty minutes of sitting at the table with a little quietness, we go on our separate ways Ashley goes to the loading docks to practice her gymnastic and ballet dancing, while Penne is in the kitchen looking for a snack. Chow is in the male’s locker room taking a shower, while I am waiting for Penne to finish looking, so we can play a few games of Uno. Saundra is in the middle of the storage area sitting on a medium blue crate reading a novel that I gave her as a birthday gift. Suddenly, Penne and I hear a loud scream coming from the storage area. We run as fast as we can to the storage area to behold Saundra on the cold floor with her purple long sleeves shirt ripped in half showing her bare stomach and back. As I duck down on the floor to comfort her while she is crying. “What happened to you?”

“I was sitting on the blue crate reading the novel you gave to me. A high in height person wearing a black see-through mask popped out.

“The stranger jumped on top of me and felt on my private parts. I fought him off still the person was too strong. He almost ripped my shirt right off.”

“How do you know the individual who attaccare you were a he?” ask Penne. “Huh?’ rejoinder Saundra as she nods her head to agree to not sensing word that he had say.

“Sorry, do you know the individual who attaccare you were a he?”

“I didn’t say it was a man, I just said the person was too strong.” rejoinder Saundra as she looks down at the dark blue crate. Penne and I help Saundra get up off the floor. “Are you okay?” ask Penne and I together. “Yeah I think I’ll be fine.” rejoinder Saundra as she slowly walks in front of us.

“Do you think that McCall did the attaccare Saundra?”

“Yes, I do believe that he is the one that would do an evil thing to her.” I rejoinder as I can remember the conservation me and Chow had years before about McCall loving his kids a little bit too much. I sense that I am going to be right, but I did not want to be right because he has done a lot for my family and I. Penne look at me with a heated agonize thinking that I am not listening to him but I hear his every word.

“He has been bizarre seeing as he recovered you.”

“McCall is a weird man with strange tendencies.”

“You all need to bring to an end to speaking about McCall like he isn’t a good man. He has done a lot for us that he really didn’t have to do at all.” rejoinder Saundra as she stops in mid motion to turn to us with a sore heated agonize attitude.

“Jibs seeing as you have to admit he have been acting bizarre.” say Penne.

“You need to treat him with some respect!” rejoinder Saundra as she runs to the sleeping room onto her sleeping bag to cry her eyes out.

“We need to go talk to McCall.” “Cool ideal.” rejoinder Penne.

Penne and I run up to McCall’s cabin to ask him some questions about what just happened to Saundra. As we reach the door of his cabin, I knock on the door multiple times. “Hey McCall, come out of your cabin because we need to tell you about what just happened downstairs in the storage area.” After five minutes of standing at the door, McCall finally opens the door to greet Penne and I with an odd gape in his eyes. He is standing in-between the door and the threshold with the door being crack open. “What arise downstairs to Saundra?”

“She was sexually attacked by a person with a black mask on his face.”

“Didn’t you catch her screams?” ask Penne.

“No, I didn’t hear Saundra squawking I was kayo in my room.” I sense that he is not telling us the truth but I stand with Penne wanting to tell him that Saundra told us that the person who attack her was tall but I choose that I cannot. “How did you not sense that it was her who was attacked by the mask person?” ask Penne and I together.

“I didn’t know that Saundra my child who was bombarded. I guessed that my child whom got bombarded. Do you know where the man in black is?” rejoinder McCall with agonize attitude with his hands clinging hard on the flat edges of the door.

“It is okay, just calm down McCall. That is all we need to tell you.” say Penne

“Is my child going to be okay?”

“Yes, I think Saundra will be okay.” I rejoinder with his eyes gaping at my mistrusting worries in my eyes. I turn my chin look at Penne. He does not look back at me. Penne just gape down at McCall’s dirty red shoes. “She is grieving in her sleeping bag.” I say

“Is that it?” ask McCall as I behold his eye gaping at us, then he look away as if he sense his shamefaced “Yes that is all.” Penne rejoinder as we turn away from the door to start walking away from his room, McCall close the door. We walk down to the long twisted metal steps of staircases walking to our sleeping room. “You know McCall has lied to us?” ask Penne.

“I sense we need to get proof about McCall and his evil things. We need to get him to admit to all the evil things that he has done to Saundra.”

“How are we supposed to do that?”

“First, we need to get Chow and Saundra to admit that McCall has done nasty, evil things to them. This will get them to confront McCall about what discomfort he has put them through. Then you and I will both sneak up inside of McCall’s cabin to find some kind of evidence of what he has done.”

“What will we do next?”

“You, I, and our family will have to go find the swat soldiers to have him arrest.”

“Oh Okay, Let’s do it!” As Penne and I walk into our sleeping room to see Chow lying on top of his green sleeping bag gaping at Saundra while she is sleeping. Suddenly, McCall run out from his cabin to run though the storage area into our sleeping room.

He grabs onto Chow’s green shirt stripe to pick him up from his collar pushing him against the wall. “Did you bombarded Saundra as she was reading in storage?”

“No, I didn’t shell Saundra at all.” “Don’t you lie to me I will rip you’re…”

“Calm down McCall he said he did not attaccare Saundra.”

“Let him explain.” say Penne.

“I would never shell a woman in my entire and I never will either.” Chow close his eyes leaning his chin forward to bow his head to McCall He is showing respect to him but I sense he is as angry as I am. “What were you doing when Saundra got bombarded?”

“I was in the locker room taking a shower. I went to my room to read an old comic book that I found in a black crate.”

“Where’s the book?” ask McCall as he tighten his clings on his collar. Chow points his index finger to his sleeping bag where a colorful images shown on an open page. McCall turn his head gaping at the comic book. He turns his attention back to Chow with a heated agonize gape in his eyes. “If you didn’t bombard her, then why were you staring at her whilst she is sleeping?”

“When she ran into the room with tears falling from her eyes I asked her what happened.” rejoinder Chow with sweat dripping down from the sides of his face.

“What did Saundra tell you?’ ask Penne. “Saundra told me that she had been shelled by a masked person. I tried to comfort her by watching over her while she slept, just in case the masked person comes back for her or us”

“Damn, I’m sorry Chow, it is that I’m now worry about insulating you’ll from mad survivors breaking in the warehouse for the reason that I didn’t insulate Saundra from her bombardier.” McCall let go of Chow’s shirt to let him go from being press against the wall almost stumbling to his feet when he lands on the floor. He run over to Penne, and I. “Do not worry about the attacker I think he is gone and will not be coming back anytime soon.” I rejoinder as I sense Penne and I are right about McCall. I feel saddening that a good man would do such evil things to a female kid. “Just go back upstairs to get some more sleep please.” say Penne. McCall leaves our sleeping room to run back through the storage area. He stops running to clear his overflow of aggression. I walk over to Saundra ducking down to a knee; I put my hand on her shoulder shaking for seconds until she decides to wake up. Saundra quickly get up half way facing Penne and Chow but sitting on her sleeping bag. Chow decides to sit down next to her while I get up from my knee for me and Penne to stand together close to them. “Do you think that he overheard us talk about the proposal?” ask Penne.

“No I do not think he heard us.” “Are you sure?” ask Chow.

“We were whispering quietly that no one could hear our plan to get the truth out of McCall.”

“I should go check out if he went straight back to his room.” rejoinder Penne. As Penne walk out of our sleeping room back into the storage area beholding McCall stand a few steps across from with part of his back facing him. Penne starts walking to him until McCall spins encircle to face Penne. “Do you think that Ashley would try to take advantage of Saundra?”

“I don’t think that Ashley would do that to Saundra. She seems grateful of Carlos bringing her back here.”

“Are you sure?” “Positive. You can go back to your room McCall and get some more sleep.” McCall walk out of the storage area walking back up to his cabin without a word. Penne walk back into our sleeping room to talk to Saundra, Chow, and I. We move our sleeping bags in a small circle sitting close enough together on our sleeping bags. I behold the worries in my family’s eyes while I feel worry but for some reason I cannot show the same emotion. “Can I ask you two some questions about the certain times that you were sleeping in McCall’s room?” ask Penne as Chow quickly gape up at Penne and then back down at the floor about to cry. Saundra is about to do the same until her poke her chest out. “The first time I was invited to his room was when I couldn’t beauty sleep cuz I was nervous about me being in this place. I lay in my bag for a little meanwhile. I got up from my bag and started to wander around the storehouse. I wandered around the storehouse until I saw McCall in the kitchen getting him a drink. He saw me looking at him. He waved his hand for me to join him. At first I didn’t want to go near him, cuz I was scared, but I changed my mind soon after cuz I got thirsty. I walked inside the kitchen; he started to tell me how he got to be living in the storehouse as he made me a big cup of homemade hot chocolate with lots of tiny marshmallows on top. I drank the hot chocolate meanwhile he continued to tell me his story still out of nowhere he started to do weird things to me. He licks some melted chocolate off his middle finger. Then he wanted me to lick some more melted chocolate off his finger.” say Saundra.

“Did you touch with your tongue the bourbon off his finger?”

“No, not at first still then he started to make me feel rotten by telling me if I didn’t lick his finger he would get mad at me, cuz I didn’t want to make him happy. I licked off the chocolate still soon after McCall got weirder. I wanted to leave cuz I was getting sleepy still he invited me to come up to his room to show me something. After we finished drinking our cups of hot chocolate, we walked up to his room. McCall showed ne his dim lit room; he showed me his….and then told me to brushed……” rejoinder Saundra as she stops whining from the tears in her eyes with her arms. Chow tap on her back.

“I didn’t want to brush still McCall made me feel bad about it, and I brushed. After that night he would keep telling me to come up to his room, to do weirder things to him and to Me.” rejoinder Saundra trying to hold back the tears again.

“Did McCall forced you to do freaky acts to yourself too?” ask Chow

“No, we did a lot of weird things together.”

“Ewe that’s an uncalled for freaky acts we’ll need to address McCall.” rejoinder Chow.

“I apologize it is not your fault of what he has done to you. He tricked you to do all those evil things to you and to him”

“I know it was McCall who tried to sexually assault me. I wanted to tell you guys, still I was used to him violating me.”

“Was you afraid?” ask Chow.

“Yes, I was scared that he would have found out that I told you too soon of what he had done.”

“It is okay I sensed all along that it would be McCall to do evil things to someone like you.”

“What about you Chow?” ask Penne?

“My story begins when I was the second cherub that he brought back here. When I was at a playground I stood on the ladder bridge as I was viewing people gushing from them. I was viewing for the family as I was lost in the park. McCall saw me at the playground, he told me that he could help me found the family. I never saw the family again as more of them stalked us in the park. McCall took me to the depository. I solved that they must have transformed into them by them.”

“How did you sense they had turned into zombies?”

“I knew they transformed into them as the family went to the pond taken a brief view of the pond. A friend of the family was babysitting me until her own cherub was shell by one. The friend of the family gushed to help her cherub not omitting about me. When we were hiding out in alleyway sitting next to a large green dumpster. He told me that “You can come live with me at a depository. It is very safe there” I got up from the dirty ground to gushed with him all the way to the depository.” rejoinder Chow as he smiles but I sense that he was more saddening than in merriment.

“When did he start doing evil things to you?”

“After a week of McCall teaching me about parkour, he wanted to teach me with a more hands-on approach as I wasn’t doing a good job at McCall telling me how to do it. He taught me for all that soon after he began to slap my butt, whenever I would do something right. One day he glorned onto my ding-ding when he was teaching me how to do a front flip.”

“How many times did he touch you there?” ask Penne.

“He stroke me a lot of times, he even made me kiss and stroke his bigger ding-ding.”

“Have you ever been invited to McCall’s room?”

“No, I never got requested to his room. All the yucky freaky acts that he done to me was in the loading docks.” Chow bow his head as he whines from the sick memories of McCall doing the evil things to him without sensing a reason why he wanted to do the evil things to him. I sense that Saundra was feeling the same way when McCall did the evil things to her.

“I’m sorry about what he did to you” rejoinder Penne. After four minutes of sitting in the circle looking at each other in awkward heated saddening agonize silence, Ashley walk in our sleeping room. “What’s going on in here?’ she sits next to Chow.

“We’re talking about how McCall did wrong matters to Chow and Saundra.” rejoinder Penne.

“Can I tell you all something?”

“Yes, you can.” rejoinder Saundra as she turns her head to look away from Ashley. I behold the green in her eyes. “What do you have to say to us?” ask Saundra.

“I want to tell you that he did try to do a little something to me too.” rejoinder Ashley.

“Oh no not you too! I don’t get the drift of why a man who goes out in the world risking his life for us for all that does freaky yucky acts to the family afterward.” rejoinder Chow as he lifts his head gaping at Ashley apologetic ashamed and embarrasses but she gives him a little smile. “How an ethical man could grow into ill bad out of nowhere?” ask Saundra.

“Maybe he was evil and was faking to be a good hearted man.” I rejoinder as I look in Ashley’s eyes as she waits to tell our family what McCall did to her.

“Remember when you saw me sitting at the table in the morning leading up to the others dawdling to the table?” ask Ashley.

“Yes, I can bear in mind of that act.” rejoinder Chow. “Leading up to you come round outside of the bedroom, he sat nearest to me to tell me how he got to be staying in this storage place. Then I felt his hairy hand on my upper leg.”

“He started to rub on my upper leg, and even tried to rub on my crotch. I know he wanted to do more to me just the same as when he heard some footsteps coming towards the lunchroom he got back into the kitchen.” I behold cover her face with her arms as I sense that she did not want our family to behold her crying, “I apologize about what evil thing he has done to you too.”

“I’m sorry too.” say Chow.

“I’m also sorry for what he attempted to do to you. I want him to pay for the hurt that he has cause you.” rejoinder Penne as he looks into Ashley eyes while she undercover her face to look back at him unimpressed. “I want him to pay for the sicken damage that he has caused us.” rejoinder Saundra.

“We should give McCall the revenge that he deserves.” say Ashley

“Carlos has a proposal to avenge us.” rejoinder Penne.

“Do not worry about McCall anymore because I think I have a plan for us to get McCall to admit to himself of what he has done to you three is evil. To make him feel unwell tired about it to get him to leave the warehouse.”

“Why, would you want him to plead guilty to the foul things that McCall has done to me? ask Chow

“I want him to feel unwell-tire enough to stop doing what he did to my family.” I rejoinder.

“Our best bet is to get out right now!” say Chow.

“No, Carlos is right we need to make him pay for what he has done to Me.” rejoinder Saundra.

“Where are we going to go in this nightmare of a globe?” ask Chow.

“I heard on the radio a couple of months back that the military is finally coming to the cities to attack all the zombies. They also setup a safe house at a nearby church to let all the survivors stay there until the cities are safe to dawdle on the streets and sidewalks again” rejoinder Ashley.

“Where did you hear the news seeing as we never have a tuner.” rejoinder Penne.

“I had my frater Miguel had a tiny boom box radio with him in the store. He would put music on to try to make the familia comfortable.” rejoinder Ashley with a saddening gape at Saundra. I sense that she thinks that Saundra in merriment the same type of music as she likes.

“I agree with the pair of ideals for all that how would we get McCall to grant to all the freaky matter and to a bigger question how would we get to the church.” rejoinder Chow.

“First, Penne and I would sneak into McCall’s cabin to find evidence of him doing all his evil things while he cooks dinner.”

“That’s crazy McCall is going to know why you and Penne aren’t sitting at the table with us.” rejoinder Saundra.

“Nah, he doesn’t care about where Carlos and I are.” say Penne. “Are sure about that?” ask Saundra.

“Yup I’m sure.” rejoinder Penne.

“You, Chow, and Saundra distract McCall by messing up his recipes while helping him cook dinner. This would give us time to look for evidence in his cabin then we will escape without being caught.”

“We’ll make him admit to what he done and never should be done again.” say Penne.

“Sound like a goal still I need to tell you one more thing.” say Saundra.

“What is it Saundra?” I ask as I sense that what she needs to tell our family about more of McCall’s evil things. “I know where he keeps all the pictures of me.”

“McCall took shots of you?” ask Chow. “Whenever he had a chance to take the pictures.”

“Where does he keep the prints?” ask Ashley. “I sense that the pictures are in his cabin.” I say.

“McCall keeps the pictures in a small metal rectangular box under a tiny table that has a tall black and white mug on it” rejoinder Saundra as I gape in her eyes as her tears stop while she becomes heated with revenge. “Thanks for the extra information.” say Ashley. “What if McCall tries to own us?” ask Chow.

“We’ll escape out of the warehouse and hide.” “What about the armed forces coming to rescue us?” ask Saundra.

“We would have to wait for the military to find us” rejoinder Ashley.

“Then again, that is not an agreeable idea.” say Chow.

“Let us not worry about getting out of here for the time being. Just focus on distracting McCall to buy us time.” Saundra, Penne, Ashley, Chow, and I get up from our sleeping bags to walk out of our sleeping room. Penne and I run to McCall’s cabin while everyone else are walking in the opposite direction to the kitchen. Once we get to his cabin, Penne see the small window is half way open, he slides through open window to unlock the door opening it to let me in the cabin. As I close the door behind me, I behold a small single king bed with a black pillow on top of the bed. The bed is on the right side of his cabin. McCall has a large black trim rug lay out in the middle of the floor while the cabin is colorless. I behold a tiny wood table with a tall two colors black white mug on top of the table. We behold the small rusty metal box that Saundra described to us. Penne and I also behold various pictures on the left and right side of cabin’s walls. I bend down to grab the small rusty metal box, while Penne gape at the pictures that are post up on the left side of the cabin. “Hey Carlos come here for a minute I need you to see these photos.” say Penne.

“Yeah, what about the picture.” I walk over to where he is standing next to Penne.

“You notice how the three girls in one photo seeing as that you don’t notice the same three girls in the rest of the photos?” Penne point at one of the rectangle pictures then at a collection of pictures. As I lean in closer to behold the pictures that Penne is pointing at, I behold in the pictures the three female kids in purple, green and yellow dresses standing in front of an opened trunk of McCall’s car. The three female kids look in merriment with McCall smiling standing in between them in another picture I behold that is next to the picture that I was looking at. I lean back to my normal placement. It takes me a minute before my heart stop realizing that we are in more trouble than I sense. “What you have shown me is McCall has lies about having any daughters or a wife?”

“Yes, seeing as the problem gets worst, you notice how all the girls in the photos are lined up in the back bumper his car?”

“Yeah I did.” “If you look closely you notice that all the girls’ legs and arms are bind.”

“That means he has been taking random little female kids to the warehouse.” I walk over to the other side of the room to look at the other pictures. Penne starts to follow behind me until he stops close to the door.

“I think McCall been taking random girls here for a long time.” say Penne.

“How do you sense so much about on the subject of his evil things that he has done to my family?”

“My dad who is also an officer of the law used to let me watch late night crimes shows with him. He wanted me to learn how to figure things out on my own.” Penne behold me with a gape while I am heated but agonize about our family and me going to hide out there. I can behold the green color is his eyes.

“Your father must have been a good cop?” “Yeah he was seeing as that is enough about my dad.”

“It was only a guess.” I quickly lean away from the wall while in disgust agonize daze. After a few minutes, I snap out of my daze grabbing the metal box.

“Carlos let’s get out of here ahead of McCall catches us in his room.”

“Okay I will go first out the window.” As I slide out of the window, Penne goes to the other side of the room to look at the other pictures. He looks at the pictures in shocking fear because what he sees makes him pee in his pants “Penne come on I think I hear McCall coming into the docks.” I quietly yell as I run down the long metal twisted steps of staircases into the storage area. Penne slide out of the half way open window to meet me down in the storage area. Once he meets me, we run into our sleeping room for me to hide the metal box under the pile of sleeping bags. Penne and I leaves the sleeping room running to the lunchroom. When we get to the table, Saundra, Chow, and Ashley are sitting there, while McCall walk out the kitchen with a cart full of a tray supply of long fat dark hazel German sausages, a plastic bowl of mashed potatoes with cuts of butter melting on top of the mashed potatoes and a large steel bowl of various colors roasted vegetables “Carlos and Penne where were you two?” ask McCall.

“I was reading a comic book that I found lying around in the docks and Carlos was taking a nap in the room.”

“Okay, I through you two were attempting to make an effort to get into my room.”

“We would never try to go into your cabin. You sense the only way we would be able to go into your cabin is if you ask us if we want to go up there” After a few minutes of rumbling of our stomachs McCall start to serve the Germanic style of foods to us

“I have an important question to ask you.” I say. “What is it now?” ask McCall.

“Why is a so called good man… ouch?”

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m excited seeing as McCall cook my favorite meal. I kill to have my dad to be alive to cook me our favorite meal again” interrupt Penne.

“It’s okay but like I was about to ask you McCall.” I gape in Penne’s eyes heated about him kicking me in my leg but I did not sense why he would interrupt me to get McCall to see that we sense who he has pretended to be. “I had both of my parents seeing as I was born they couldn’t stop fighting with each other. I love my parents very much seeing as I chose to belt away from my house as the zombies’ infection started to come to my neighborhood. One night I tried to go back to my house. I walked up to the front door, the wind blew the door wide open seeing as no one was at the door. I belted inside of my house I looked for my parents seeing as all I saw was my Vater sitting on the floor with his back against the kitchen table with a knife in his hand.”

“He noticed me and smile seeing as I noticed that he was also angry. I belted out of my house not looking back at my Vater.” say Penne.

“Where is this coming from?” ask McCall beholding at Penne with a tricky gape.

“As I was walking along a street, McCall walked pass me with a bag full of stocks he turned to me. Hey, kid you shouldn’t be out by yourself where are your parents? I don’t know where my parents are, I belted away from home. “You don’t need to be out I have a safe place that I have been staying in for a long time now. You can stay there if you want? Where is the safe place? The safe place is in the warehouse distinct just a few blocks from here you can follow Me.” interrupt Penne.

“Oh yeah, that’s when Saundra and I first met you.” say Chow.

“I’m sorry that you had to go through that evil stuff Penne.” Suddenly, a loud crushing noise of metal coming from the kitchen “Everyone go into the warehouse now!” McCall runs into the kitchen to the open blockade basement’s door, all the kitchen’s equipment is on the floor. McCall tries to quickly pick up the pieces of the equipment to try to put the blockade back together, but he cannot. Penne, Saundra, Ashley, Chow and I run into the warehouse standing encircle in the dark, frozen storage area while catching our breaths from our mouths. After two minutes of everyone catching their breaths “Why did you keep interrupting me?”

“I wanted to give you a hint to not bring up what we saw in McCall’s room. I knew you were going to bring the photos up to him seeing as the other photos that I saw as you were waiting for me.” rejoinder Penne.

“We don’t have time for this.” say Ashley. “Let’s get out please!” say Chow.

“What did you see in the other pictures?” ask Saundra and me together.

“He took to death all the three girls after he is finished with them. If we did make McCall grant to his fouls, the issue at hand would make the issue even worst for us, he would take us to death.”

“How are we going to get out of here to the church?” ask Chow as he is about to cry.

“Wasn’t you listening to Carlos back there in the room we are going out to wait for the military to come find us.” say Saundra.

“I was being attentive.” rejoinder Chow.

“I don’t know seeing as we need to do something fast ahead of McCall or the zombie beast comes in hither” say Penne.

“Damnit, what is going to happen to McCall?” ask Saundra and Ashley together.

“I think you should let fate handle that question.” rejoinder Chow. As we cluster encircle wondering what is going to happen next. We hear a loud manly yell coming from the kitchen hearing the flesh and bones of McCall being shred apart. After a few minutes of a breath of fresh silence supply the air “Thank GOD that we don’t have to deal with that man no more” say Saundra.

“I’m glad fate took care of him.” say Chow. “Guys do you hear that rumbling uproar?” ask Chow. Suddenly, the grumbling noise gets louder closer to storage area. The floor starts to shake Penne looks in the distance where the entrance of the hallway that goes to the lunchroom is. He beholds a huge pale black rough rock skin four legs creature with dark, red, and yellow beady eyes gaping at us from the corner of the hallway. The hulking zombified thing has very sharp leopard-like teeth that supply its entire mouth.

“Shit we need to get out of hither fast I think I notice the creature coming our way.” yell Penne as he points his finger to the entrance of the hallway. Quickly, Saundra, Chow, Penne, Ashley, and I run to the door to get outside.

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Written by KR Bernard