Maximize the potential of your crowbar

Maximize the potential of your crowbar

As many of you know, it’s hard to find zombie movies or games without a crowbar in them. It’s one of the most accepted and used weapons in the entire horror/survival genre. But…. Are the people in these Hollywood productions using the crowbar the way they should? Because lets face it, if you would use the crowbar the way some actors did, you’d die. So, how can you maximize the potential of your crowbar?

Biggest crowbar mistake, using the curved end’s sharp side.

The curved end has 2 spikes on it, they’re used for prying open doors and crates. Not for bashing skulls! When using this side to crush a skull, there’s a very large chance this side will get caught in the skull and pull you down as the body drops to the floor. This will either make you lose your balance, or your weapon. So how do you smash a skull with a crowbar? Use the back of the curved side. Using the crowbar like this, turns it into a club shaped item, that won’t get stuck in anything.

Making a grip for it.

The crowbar itself is just a piece of steel without any grip on it. To turn it into a real skull-basher, you might want to add a grip to it. There are several ways to do this, but just make sure it adds a little stability to your crowbar. Use grip-tape, leather strings, isolation tape, rubber or anything else with a little more friction.

Adding a strap.

At the base of your new made grip, make a decent strap that acts as a wrist band. When using your crowbar, it might get stuck on something, or you might be startled and drop it. Having a strap for it will prevent you from losing the crowbar, helps you attach it to your bag and allow you to pull the crowbar out of skulls more easy.


A crowbar and a permanent marker make a great log book to track your zombie kills. Maybe add a little paint to make it look awesome? The possibilities are endless! After all, it’s the apocalypse, so you might as well have something to do that takes your mind off all the killing.

Sharpening the edges.

By sharpening the prying edges of the crowbar, it can be used to cut. This will also increase the penetration ability of the curved end. Sharpening the bottom of the crow bar will allow you to access much tighter spaces to pry them open.

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