So as you may have noticed, we here at Zombie Guide have been promoting the new up and coming zombie movie Mary Doe. We are very excited about this project and want to help the film makers share it with the world.


Mary Doe is about a girl with no memory of her past who, after almost dying, finds herself trapped in an abandoned government testing facility that’s being invaded by mutant zombies. She has to find the will and strength to survive so she can make it out alive.
This will be the first of a “Femme Fatale” trilogy.

The project is still in early stages and is currently working on a trailer. With big names including effects make-up legend Tom Savini involved, we can expect great things from MARY DOE. You can read more about MARY DOE in our more recent articles, Nick Nicolaou Tells Us About MARY DOE and Joanna Prototype Chats With Director Nick Nicolaou About MARY DOE.

Go check out the film’s website, Facebook page, and the MARY DOE Kickstarter Campaign Page to learn more about helping this awesome movie get made!

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