Man Crates Now Zombified

Man Crates Now Zombified

Need an interesting, one-of-a-kind gift for your bestest best friend? Then check out the wide selection of choices at Man Crates. Man Crates Now Zombified, are a unique gift idea targeted to those with interesting hobbies. So, it’s no surprise they would have a zombie-themed crate. The Zombie Survival Crate is shipped in a sturdy, old-fashion wooden crate. For a small fee, you can get it nestled safely in a duct tape cocoon, for added protection.

But, fear not as they also shipped a tiny crowbar with it, to help you pry it open. Opening them is part of the fun, and it took me twenty minutes to get mine open. Despite it being so tall, there wasn’t much space inside of it. It contains:

1. An Elk Ridge machete

2. small can of SPAM

3. Small first aid kit

4. An angled flashlight with a car escape hammer at the end

5. A roll of Gorilla Glue tape

6. The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

7. A thank you note from the company

The crate costs $89.99, and it seems worth it. The machete is nice and strong, with a sharp blade. The flashlight is sturdy and dependable. The first aid kit is small and includes basic medical necessities. I’m not a fan of SPAM, but my pugs seemed to love it. The Gorilla Glue tape was a small roll but was still helpful in patching up a loose floor panel that was driving me crazy. And, what kind of zombie prepper would you be without the number one guidebook in zombie preparedness! Get yours today at

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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