M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk

In my opinion, the M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk is the perfect melee weapon. It’s definitely the favorite in my collection. It is as beautiful and multifunctional a piece of weaponry as I’ve ever seen. Good for everything including chopping wood, digging holes, getting through locked doors, clearing brush, breaking open hard-shelled fruit, and of course smashing in a zombie skull. It really is an amazing survival weapon. The one I’m reviewing here, the M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk,image is made from 2Cr13 stainless steel. It has a nylon reinforced handle with 30% fiberglass. It’s the perfect compact size of 15 1/2 inches over all. From axe blade to spike tip it measures a little over 8 inches. The axe blade measures 4 inches in length. This tomahawk overall is the perfect size for someone like me who is looking for small but effective melee weapon and survival tool, because it is definitely both. This tomahawk comes with a nylon snap button sheath and is made by United Cutlery.

The M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk is light weight and can be easily strapped to a imagebackpack or belt. The blade and spike are thick enough so that you have no worries of this weapon breaking down or dulling out after only a few uses. In fact, this tomahawk will stay pointed and sharp after a surprising amount of usage. The handle features a knuckle guard and while it can be used with two hands it’s light weight makes it easy to swing with just one. It’s a trusty and highly intimidating weapon that could not only smash into a zombie skull with little effort, but also make a non gun wielding marauder rethink an attack.

Obviously today when we hear the word tomahawk we think, primarily, pick axe or hatchet. Tomahawks originated in Native American culture and the term tomahawk originally referred to any type of native striking weapon. The early Native American tomahawks were usually made from stone, with wooden handles that were often wrapped in leather and decorated with feathers. Very different, I’d say, than the modern tomahawk I am reviewing here. The word tomahawk over time was narrowed down to meaning any small, relatively light weight axe type weapon.

Overall the M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk by United Cutlery is an effective weapon and a highly useful survival tool all in one. It’s something, I personally, would not want to be without in any survival situation. As much as we all love machetes and baseball bats, a imagetomahawk is simply more versatile and practical for survival. I’d definitely recommend it as a primary melee weapon any day. I know it will certainly be mine.

If you like the M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk, then go check out all the awesome Tomahawks and other weapons that United Cutlery has to offer.

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