Light in the darkness

March 22 1987, Light in the darkness

Now, two years after my birth, my father is barely home seeing that he lost his job, and he is always looking for work. The only time he was home; is when we are all eating meals in the kitchen. I am in the kitchen sitting in my small dark-brown wooden baby seat; Maria is sitting in a chair wearing a grey tight sweat suit while wearing on her feet white sneakers, feeding me carrots, peas, and white rice mixed baby food at our large round circular table.  My soror is wearing a yellow blouse, a black long skirt, black socks, and shoes.

She is wearing lip gloss and her hair is in a ponytail. Mya, Maria, and Ron are eating some baked bananas with shredded pork, beans over some white rice. When Ron finish eating he always get up from the table to leave to look for work wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and tan boots. When he leaves the table, we all leave the table and the kitchen.  Maria pick me out of my baby chair carrying up the beige steps staircase to my room which is next to my begetters’ bedroom. As my mama entered the room, I behold the whirling of the beige cotton curtains covering the crack open window as the puff air slip into my bed room. Maria place me in my white cradle covered with my dark green miniature wool dinosaurs stickers printed blanket.

She cover me with my blanket as I behold her smiling at me as she playfully poke at my tiny belly button.  My feet would kick rapidly in merriment up until I can feel my eyelids fall on my eye sockets. slightly behold my mama walking pass the cradle to the aged rocky chair near the window. As I sleep, I think about my father not being home to be a begetter than continue to go out to find work as my mama stew agonize each day if Ron my father will come back home again with good or bad tidings.

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Written by KR Bernard