Lessons I learned from the Walking Dead

There is something to be said for the walking dead, the life lessons that  it teaches us. Here are some of the things we here at ZGM have learned.

  1. Just because they aren’t friendly doesn’t mean you can’t trust them. Two words: Daryl Dixon.
  2. Just because they smile at you mean they are your friend. One word: Governor.
  3. Disasters change people. They may be your lover, hubby, wifey, bestie, brother, mother or cousin, but when shit hits the fan you don’t know what you’re dealing with.
  4. Expect the unexpected.
  5. Talk to someone. yes in a world of death you are going to need to vent.
  6. Power is sexy. Two words: Daryl Dixon.
  7. Your freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. Say what you want, but the governor was given power by someone.
  8. Material possessions are just that material. You truly can not take it with you.
  9. Choose your relationships wisely. If we could all take a second and look at Lori.
  10. Finding your happy place. Two words: Daryl Dixon.
  11. Some questions don’t need answers. There is a zombie staring you in the face, and you want to know who started the apocalypse right now?
  12. Silence is golden.
  13. Little things are what keep you sane.
  14. If ever there was a time to check any -isms, -ists, -obias, or other general problems that make you an asshole at the door. That time would be now.
  15. Communication is Key! Unless it’s Rick getting a call from a dead woman. Keep that nonsense to yourself.
  16. Now is not the time to be self conscious. If you’re worried about the way you look naked right now, you’re worried about the wrong damn thing. Everybody looks delicious to a zombie.
  17. Don’t be anyone’s bitch! Two words: Daryl Dixon.
  18. Common sense. You should get some.
  19. Handle it. The longer you put something painful off. The more chance for it to erupt into something crazy!
  20. Eat, drink, and be happy for tomorrow zombies die.

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Written by Sheena