Leatherman Super Tool 300

This is a review about a nifty multitool, the Leatherman 300

The first thing you’ll notice is the wheight of the leatherman, it is heavy. 10.2 oz. (290 Gr)

At the outside you’ll see a 9 inch/22 cm Ruler.

when you open it you’ll see a pair of pliers and  cutting blades, made of 420 HC Steel, and are replaceble.

Here’s a list of the tools inside:

-420HC serrated sheepsfoot blade (rescue capable)

-wood/metal file


-8mm, 6mm, 3mm screwdriver blades

-one Phillips long shank driver

-awl with thread loop

-bottle/can opener

-wire stripper

-lanyard ring

Leatherman closed

It comes in a nice carry sheath that you can attach to your belt, and it even has a version with the MOLLE system.

There are also no sharp edges in the multitool whatsoever, and the fact that you can lock the tools (like the sheepsfoot blade) is pretty nice, so you’ll don’t have to worry that it snaps back and you’l lose your finger or injure yourself.

I work at a metal packaging plant, and use the multitool for all kinds of stuff there, knife for cardboard, pliers for tightening and loosening bolts, pliers for cutting wires, etc.

It is a very cool and smart tool.
I’m looking forward to doing more reviews on tools and gear, I’m planning a review about the Irish Blackthorn from Coldsteel! Of course with a skull bashing test, to make sure you can knock down the undead!

Leatherman opened

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