Learn how to climb

Learn how to climb

Seriously, learn how to climb any object you may come across. Since zombies can’t climb, places up high will be your best hiding spots. Especially if you plan on traveling, but settling in a high place is also a good idea. Now if zombies can climb? Well if they have that much brain activity going on, they probably won’t be zombies anyway.

Okay so what places should you climb? Start with rooftops, look around for ways to climb rooftops and try them out. A streetlight next to a wall for example, learn to climb ropes, do pull ups. Train yourself to spot climbing opportunities everywhere you go. See if there are gyms nearby with climbing walls, try trees, walls and other places. It’s something a lot of other animals do when they’re in danger!

So why should you climb? Well as I explained, because zombies can’t climb. But that isn’t the only reason. Higher places make great observation posts, overlooking a city from a high place will give you a lay of the land. Especially at night you might be able to spot settlements, or use the daylight to see what zombies are up to. Are they surrounding a certain building? That might mean there are survivors in there who need help. Or perhaps you spot that abandoned convoy of big army trucks standing around?

Another convenience of being a good climber, is taking a break. When traveling in an environment where the enemy is everywhere and resting can be deadly, finding access to places where the enemy can’t come is vital for survival. You can’t just lay out a sleeping bag and get 8 hours. With all the stress and fatigue, you’ll fall in a deep sleep, vulnerable to anything or anyone around you. The only places you can get rest, is there where the enemy can’t go. So in case of zombies, those are places they don’t have the physical capacity to get to. Either on purpose, or by accident. I mean an island is all fun and games, until zombies start washing ashore. Getting to high places that can’t be accessed by just walking, make great places for the following activities:

  • Gathering clean rain water
  • Harvesting solar power to charge radios and flashlights
  • Sending a radio signal
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Storing supplies
  • Getting a bird eye view of your surroundings

I’m sure there are other reasons to get up high. Now of course there’s one BIG disadvantage of going up high…. IF zombies find out you’re there, you might get surrounded. Therefor it’s important to climb to places with multiple exits. A mountain top, rooftops, overpasses and such places are excellent for resting and storing supplies.

If you do find a great place somewhere up high that you can use for permanent shelter, but the exit is a little hard. For example a billboard next to an empty road ┬áthat you turned into a shelter, it’s advisable to have diversions ready. Like a smoke grenade you can throw somewhere to get the zombies away from the billboard. Or coming up with weapons you can repeatedly use to kill zombies standing under your shelter, without wasting ammo. For example a spear you can use by climbing low enough to hit their heads. Or arrows with a rope to pull them back up, get creative BEFORE the apocalypse starts.

As you can see, being able to get to higher locations is a huge advantage. If not for permanent shelter, it will be for those moments when you run into a horde and need to escape in a split second. Always be on the lookout for places to climb!

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Written by Frank

Dutch guy living in Finland. Founded Zombie Guide Magazine in 2012 as a hobby project.. Which is still is to this day. Besides writing, my passions are fitness, the outdoors and good food.