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Today we’re happy to announce a new project! About a week ago we got contacted by Mr. K.R. Bernard, who is a zombie fiction writer. Now I know that’s not a special profession these days, but Kyle had a series of short stories written that weren’t published yet. So starting soon, we’ll be posting parts of his story as articles every Friday, until the story is complete! How about that huh? Basically a free zombie book… Plus we’re giving you an excuse not to read it all at once. Almost like TV, but for intellectuals 😉 Anyway, we asked Kyle to tell us a little bit about himself before we begin our all new “fiction Fridays”…

K. R. Bernard

Summer 2014 2
K.R. Bernard

As I was growing up I would have, the craziest or scarcest reoccurring dreams or nightmares that would come in bits and pieces every other month. These dreams or nightmares would come from me watching movies, television shows, books, images, and video games. I grew up with a very vivid imagination. My first dream was me in video games and cartoon land rescuing Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. video game from evil cartoon villains. When I was in my sixth grade year in middle school; my teacher gave the class a take home project to write your own horror/scary story. That night I had a nightmare where I was in an empty school until I found my classmates. We ran from iconic horror movie villains like Freddy Krueger, Jason from the Friday the 13th movie and etc until we were all caught by them. I would wake up from the nightmare only to go back to the haunted school. I wrote the whole nightmare for my story. The teacher gave me a good grade but my classmates hated the story. This was my first time ever that I wrote down a dream nightmare into a story because I never wrote down any of my dreams/nightmares.

I didn’t get into writing until the beginning of my eighth grade year where I started to write poetry. I got into poetry because I was going through some stressful situations in my life and I felt that I needed to write my emotions/feelings on paper. At first I wrote poems to get a beautiful and popular girl’s attention until she wasn’t given me any play. Then in between the end of my eighth grade year in middle school and beginning of my freshman year in high school, I wrote two sad emotional poems one was titled I Am and the other one I didn’t have a title for. I submitted I Am to an international writing contest that I found on the internet. After three weeks I got a letter from the judges that I won 1st place in the contest and I was invited to go to the contest being held in London to read my poem in front of hundreds of people.

I knew I had the money to go to London but I also knew that the money that my family helped me save would be for me to go to college. I made the right decision to not go to London and to continue my education after I graduated from high school.  During my high school years, I started to write a movie script entitled The Six. I was inspired to write a movie script from an old favorite science fiction movie, The Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis. Every time I watched the movie I always felt that it could have been even better so I decided to write an even better movie script with the same plot of the movie of a gigantic fire comet entry trying to destroy the earth while the hero and his friends trying to find alien artifacts to stop him. In my script, I had a lot more action sequences and characters that intertwined with each others. It took me four months to get to the half way mark of my script.   I was close to finishing the movie script when I moved into another house where somehow I lost the notebook that I was using to write the script in. I never did find that notebook.

At the end of my junior year in college in my last literature class, my teacher gave the class finish the story assignment. The story was about a suicidal woman about to leap off the roof of her apartment building. I finished the story by writing about her knight in shining armor saving her they fall in love, and then she murdered him for nothing. It was a twisted romance horror story.  I got a B+ on the assignment. She was proud of the class that she announced her top five favorites but she never announced my story.  At first I was upset but then I realized and was inspired that this is what I want to do and be for the rest of my life.

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