Is Someone Bitten?

Top Five Signs to Look For if Someone is Secretly Bitten

Is Someone Bitten?

This is a common stereotype in almost every zombie film. Some D.L. (Designated Loser) shows up, says a few important lines, and then the whole group gets attack by a huge herd of the undead out of nowhere. Almost 99% of the time someone in this scuffle always gets bitten and never says anything to anybody. These are the five signs you should look for among team members after an epic zombie battle. So, how do you know.. Is Someone Bitten?

5. Nervousness

This would be easily noticeable in small groups. Usually, you’ll learn your team members’ habits pretty quickly after living with them for a month or so. You will know who is strong, who is weak, who the extroverts, and who are the introverts. So after a huge battle with zombies and a team member because extremely nervous and begins distancing themselves from the group, almost like they are hiding something, chances are they are bitten.

4. Flu-like Symptoms

I’m not saying if someone in your group falls ill they’ll need to be given their last rights because they will turn any second. I’m saying that chances are after a battle with the undead and they suddenly fall sick you should be a little wary. The first stage of zombism usually begins by looking like a common flu bug. They will experience nausea, aches, and high fever. So, when someone at your camp falls ill have the doc give them a look over for bites just to be safe.

3. Isolation

Most likely the bitten person is aware of the risk they are to the group and tend to want a lot of privacy while they determine how they want to go. Whether it be they leave camp entirely or lock themselves up in their room. They will also refuse to talk to loved ones or eat. If someone in your group demands privacy and goes into hiding be carefully re-entering the room the next day so you don’t get bitten once they turn.

2. Suspicious Bruise or Bandage

Sometimes the bitten person will try to cover up the fact they are bitten to keep the group from worrying. They would go on with there usual activities and jobs as if nothing happened. They will try to cover up any open bite wounds with a bandage and play down there injury. If the zombie didn’t cause much bleeding the bite will swell and bruise. They will refuse medical treatment claiming they can handle it on there own. All open wounds are at risk of infection and should be looked over by your medical teammate.

1. Trying to eat you

This is almost a 100% guarantee someone in your team is bitten. Zombism is always a guarantee that someone in the group was infected and hid their injury from you. This is a common problem among team members in a zombie SHTF situation. Most likely the team member was overwhelmed with grieve and emotions that didn’t know what to do. Just learn to be more visual and get to know your teammates better so a situation like this can be avoided the next time.

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Written by M.L. Lewis

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