Interview with Mario Pun from the Zombie Apparel Shop

Zombie Apparel Shop

Hi everyone, today we have an Interview with Mario Pun from the Zombie Apparel Shop for you. The Zombie Apparel shop specializes in custom designed, zombie themed clothing. So naturally, when we at Zombie Guide found out about this, just had to go find out more.

First of all, who is the team behind this? How did you all meet?

I am a single man team as of right now.

And you do all of this by yourself, that is very impressive! How do you find the people to promote your work? Are they friends of yours?

Everyone published on my page is a customer. Some friends who supported me and a lot of new people through networking in my area of South Florida. Some of the people that I got in contact with was through social media, ones with big names.

So, how did the idea to make zombie themed clothing start?

I came up with the idea of zombie apparel about 3 years ago, but I just actually started making the clothes January 14, 2020. I always drew all my life and liked to create dark themed art with my own life experience through them.

What was it that made you start the business after those three years?

So I wanted to start with a set amount of money put up, with paperwork already done with all the business aspects already done, and that seemed like it would never happen due to just how life was going. So I said screw it, I have to start from somewhere. So I started out with just t-shirts and it grew from there to where I’m at now and I have WAY more in store for my line in the future.

That’s the right attitude, otherwise there is always something to wait for. Is all of this custom made? And where do you get the ideas for designs from?

Yes, so basically my process is have vendors for garments. So I purchase garments whole sale. Draw my designs by hand, then get them graphically made and lastly print the designs on the garments accordingly.

So that really is a business you’re running out of your own home? How do you estimate what clothes to buy and their sizes?

Yes, and honestly. I started my business homeless. I was sleeping in my rental car and my friend would let me stay in his room on this chair. Which I’m still working through but greatness is coming. My rental SUV is FILLED with boxes. I had to invest into a mini storage for stuff that is unprinted. I make sure to get sizes from S to 3XL because I have a wide variety of customers when it comes to sizes

Wow, starting a business while homeless, that’s impressive! So the webshop, is all of this done by you?

Yes, I started off with a BigCartel website for the first 3 months and I then switched to Shopify where everything was much easier for personal use and making of the website.

Did you ever look at using other retailers? Or was that the original plan?

I actually still constantly look at different retailers for garments. Too many options that different retailers provide that some don’t.

The mission statement is really interesting and a very positive take on hardships in life. How do you see possible future products that might tie into this?

I actually feel like that is what my brand is exactly about.

Mario, thank you for the interview! To help spread the word, below are the links to your shop, Instagram and Twitter. If anyone is still looking for a real original zombie themed gift for Christmas, definitely go check this out.

The Shop:



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