How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool?

How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool?

Yes you heard me! No scenario’s about a Wall Mart, train or whatever. This is a bad one, you’re in a public swimming pool and someone there reanimates as a walker!

Now you might think, that’s easy, just get in the water! Well it won’t be that easy, see there will be panic, people falling over eachother, maybe there are more walkers, the virus could be in the water because the walker falls in it…

Got you thinking now huh? Okay here’s the plan!

In case of 1-3 zombies:
Everyone will be running for the exits, so don’t go there. The first thing you do is grab a weapon, something like a chair would be perfect. Then you get the zombies attention and use the weapon to push them into the deep pool, something they can’t get out of. After that you wait for the crowd to flee the scene. You then run for your lockers and get your stuff and make a run home for it! You might be thinking: “My locker? WTF!” Let me explain… It might be cold outside, the infection made it right into your area and you have no idea if you can still get home. So it’s top priority to get your clothes and shoes! If you can, raid some stuf from the lockers. Maybe get a fire axe, pools have these by the walls sometimes. Ofcourse don’t stick around, because you have places to go and things to do!

In case of 3 or more zombies:
Well this sucks, you’re not going to draw attention and psuh them in a pool. Let them feed on the masses, stay as far away as possible. Now get some towels, slippers and any shirt if possible. If you’re pool has one of those water ways or slides that go from inside to the outside, use it! Then jump the fence.. If not, get something heavy and break a big window, then get the hell out before the crowd tries to bail there too.

In case you’re in a pool with no big windows or in a sauna?
Well, you’re almost naked, it’s hot, crowded, you don’t have weapons or anything you can make weapons out of… So you’re FUBAR (Google that). You will have to fight, push, throw others at the zombies and find a sneaky way out and turn anything into a weapon. Common items may be a towel to put over a walkers head then push it awy. Maybe a fire extinguisher, emergency hammer, shower head, chairs, anything that will get you out. In this case, forget your clothing and just make it the hell out!

Well this should be something to get you thinking, if you have anything to add, feel free to contact us or reply to the post.

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Written by Frank

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