How to prep on a budget

How to prep on a budget

After last fan requested article, we decided to keep doing articles on request! So today we’re writing an article for our number one “Facebook like fan”, Deborah Middleton! She suggested we do an article on how to prepare for apocalypse survival on a budget. So I started thinking about this and realized that when the apocalypse starts, money won’t matter, only your own will to survive and creativity. But because the apocalypse hasn’t begun yet and you  really CAN prepare yourself for shit, I’ll give some good tips for prepping on a budget.


Okay, to start your kit, you need a bag. These can be expensive and you do want a good one. So, a neat little trick is to visit a few gyms, or other sports related stores, and ask them if they have any free branded backpacks. If all those stores are too cheap to have someone walk around with free advertising, there is another option. You could go to a dump-store and get a used army backpack.

Now, you need medical supplies. Take some cleaning alcohol, paper towels and tape with you. This will get you a long way. Plus you probably have it around your house already. If not.. Well you’re just disgusting! Also, the alcohol together with the paper and some matches or a lighter, will make a great fire starter. So we got that covered too.

Next on the survival menu, is cooking gear and water. Save a few food cans, take the sharp edge off them and use these for cooking or boiling water. Make sure to pack a few and wrap them in the paper I mentioned before. That way they won’t make too much noise. For water, pack a few empty plastic bottles. To filter water, take a plastic bottle and cut the bottom open and make a hole in the cap. Hold it upside down and put a piece of cloth at the hole in the cap. Insert a layer of charcoal (burned wood), then sand and gravel. Seal the open bottom with a piece of cloth and duck-tape it to the bottle. Take some of your spoons and kitchen knives too, these will come in handy. There, cooking and water done!tarps

Okay, now a few random items you will need in your pack. Rope, this doesn’t have to be climbing grade, so buy a roll of the thinner stuff. You can use this for sewing (get a sewing needle too), making shelter, replacing shoe laces.. Endless fun and uses, so this is a 3 dollar investment well spent. For the needle, get a few. You can also turn these into fishing hooks. A tarp, this to make building a shelter easy. These can be made out of cheap packaging plastic (the thick stuff they put around a tv), most companies have this laying in the garbage. Also, get duck-tape, to stop leaks and well, save the world with that stuff! As a last item, tent spikes. These are easy to make, just gather some sticks and sharpen them. Make a little cut just a few inches from the top to tie a rope on it.

Well, you now have a lot of your kit ready. Just add some of your clothing, underwear, food and water. After that, it’s to the good stuff. Weapons!

I’ll focus on just a few awesome ones to make yourself. There are just too many items that can be used as a weapon to write down here. If you do have a small budget, get a metal hammer, not the nylon ones, just all metal with rubber grip. Or a crowbar. These have been effective in so many horror situations! If you have one around the house, use it. Otherwise, it’s the best 10 bucks ever spent.Free-Survival-Kit

Now, if you’re really broke and have to build something yourself… Don’t go into nature and make a spear out of wood! The wood that grows around most western countries needs a lot of treatment before it’s hard enough to be a weapon. What you should do, is look around dumpsters for old hard-wood furniture. Break a leg of an old table or chair and modify it into a war-club. Put some tape over the part you use as a handle. That way you won’t fuck up your hand.

That’s about it, you now have a super cheap survival kit together. If you really watch your budget you could get this all for under $30. In case you have all the stuff at home already, you can do this for free! Hope you all enjoyed this and Deborah I hope this answered your question.

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